Panasonic SL-CT810

Panasonic SL-CT810

Panasonic’s latest portable CD player, the SL-CT810, promises to make it easy to find songs or build play lists. It is one of the first portable devices to support the HighMAT system developed by the company and Microsoft. HighMAT discs — you can burn them yourself from within several popular software applications including Windows Media Player — have a small file on the disc with details of the songs including artist name, song title and genre. This new player can use that data to sort and index the disc, which is good news if you pack a couple of hundred songs onto an MP3 CD. Also good news is battery life. Panasonic said the music would play on for up to 200 hours when playing Windows Media Audio files. It will be available in Japan this month and costs $US165. Overseas launch details were not announced.

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