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Quicken Australia bolsters point of sales solutions

  • 17 September, 2003 17:15

<p>Reckon Limited, which trades as Quicken Australia, has announced the release of new retail management solutions under the QuickBooks banner.</p>
<p>QuickBooks Point of Sale 2003, which was developed in Australia, is now available for retailers who need fast sales processing, customer management tools, track and sell inventory, manage book-keeping requirements and provide reports at the click of a button.</p>
<p>The new version of QuickBooks Point of Sale 2003 was launched five years ago as QuickPOS and it is today one of the leading front-to-back solutions for retailers in Australia.</p>
<p>“The latest version of our POS solution can be easily customised to suit the needs of individual retailers,” says Greg Wilkinson, CEO of Quicken Australia.</p>
<p>“Essentially, it is a software solution that speeds up sales processing and provides retailers with better tools to enhance and better manage their businesses,” he says.</p>
<p>New features include enabling the retailer to set up integrated electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) for Westpac, ANZ, NAB or BankWest (it also supports integration to CBA and ETSL for the New Zealand banking system); the ability to launch external programs from within the POS terminal and retailers now have the ability to pass on credit charges to customers if they so choose.</p>
<p>With Integrated EFTPOS, when a customer chooses to pay for his/her purchase on EFTPOS with a debit or a credit card, the QuickBooks Point of Sale Terminal will send the amount straight to the EFTPOS terminal. This eliminates the need to enter the amount twice and therefore reduces the likelihood of discrepancies.</p>
<p>Among the major enhancements is QuickBooks Point of Sales 2003’s integration to QuickBooks. It now integrates with either QuickBooks Pro 2003 (generally for businesses with less than 20 employees) or the recently-launched QuickBooks Enterprise (designed for businesses that generally have more than 20 and up to 150 employees).</p>
<p>QuickBooks Pro 2003 - Retailer Edition is ideally suited to small-to-medium-sized retail businesses that need tools not only for managing point of sale but also for managing business accounting, inventory and customer accounts. It is best suited to retail businesses that have an inventory list of up to 14,500 items and up to five people can use a QuickBooks company file with this solution.</p>
<p>QuickBooks Enterprise - Retailer Edition is ideally suited to larger businesses because the integration of QuickBooks Point of Sale to QuickBooks Enterprise offers advantages over the QuickBooks Pro - Retailer Edition such as:</p>
<p>· larger inventory holding (up to 29,000 items)
· larger customer account lists
· remote site capabilities</p>
<p>QuickBooks Enterprise - Retailer Edition offers all the features and benefits of QuickBooks Pro as well as:</p>
<p>· double the number of customer lists, product lists and supplier lists</p>
<p>· the ability to run key reports up to 50% faster</p>
<p>· the capacity to consolidate from multiple company files</p>
<p>· the ability to transact in multiple currencies</p>
<p>· double the number of multi-users (up to 10)</p>
<p>· a business planner - there are over 100 reports to help understand and grow a business</p>
<p>QuickBooks Enterprise - Retailer Edition also enables retailers to access accounts remotely - via Microsoft Windows XP Pro.</p>
<p>Other enhancements of QuickBooks Point of Sale 2003 include a change to the method of calculating GST by line item to the method of calculating GST by line total.</p>
<p>“Now, if a customer of a coffee shop buys five cups of coffee, the GST amount will be rounded only once,” says Hazel McKechnie, Marketing Manager for Quicken Australia’s retail products.</p>
<p>The layby options have also been improved. “In Point of Sale Administrator, for example, there is a new menu option which allows a retailer to print reports such as outstanding laybys, aging laybys, new laybys, finalized laybys and layby payments,” she adds.</p>
<p>Another feature of the software is its ability to allow retailers to print barcode labels for customers - a feature that will allow the retailer to track the activities of loyal customers. Such customers can be issued with a store member card that can be scanned to recall details whenever they visit the retail store.</p>
<p>Because every retailer’s label requirements vary, QuickBooks Point of Sale provides the retailer with tools to design his or her labels - from shelf talkers to price tickets and swing tags - in full colour.</p>
<p>QuickBooks Point of Sale software supports a wide range of industry standard point of sales peripherals (such as cash drawers, customer displays, barcode scanners, receipts printers, report printers and weigh scales), its touch function is designed to work on any model of touch screen and the number of touch buttons is limited only by size and screen configuration.</p>
<p>Quicken Australia also announced that QuickFuel, like the company’s other solutions for retailers, will now support QuickBooks Pro 2003.</p>
<p>QuickFuel 2003, the only complete point of sale, back office and accounting package for the service station industry, interfaces with the Postec Forman 4 system which has links to all the major types of pump in the world.</p>
<p>The QuickFuel point-of-sale solution has been designed to be as simple to use as possible. Built with the simplicity of a cash register, QuickFuel is easily mastered by console operators in minutes, rather than hours or days.</p>
<p>It interfaces with most CRIND (Card Reader In Dispenser) technology, CRIP (Card Reader In Pump) technology as well as incorporating the latest Speed Pass technology. It also interfaces with vending machines, price signs and alarm monitoring systems.</p>
<p>It also has Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) interfaces with the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and Quest multi-acquirer terminal for National Australia Bank, ANZ, Bank West and ETSL EFTPOS Plus systems.</p>
<p>One of its major benefits is that it not only provides 120 reports and charts to monitor stock movements, financial transactions and sales, it also automatically produces the Business Activity Statement based on data captured from the point of sale.</p>
<p>In addition, it can link several sites to provide a consolidated Head Office QuickBooks file (a tool available for all QuickBooks Retailers). This will enable the business to track how each of site is performing and this includes providing a consolidate Business Activity Statement for your network.</p>
<p>“Simply put, QuickFuel 2003 offers retailers the most advanced fuel interface and the most modern back-office reporting in the industry,” says Greg Wilkinson.</p>
<p>Recommended retail prices range from $799 for the subscription version to $1990 for the full version of QuickBooks Pro 2003 - Retailer Edition</p>
<p>Recommended retail prices range for QuickBooks Enterprise - Retailer Edition range from $3,000 for existing QuickPOS customers who upgrade, to $5,000 for new customers</p>
<p>Recommended retail prices for QuickFuel range from $1499 for existing customers who upgrade, to $3499 for new customers</p>
<p>Prepared on behalf of Quicken Australia by:</p>
<p>John Kingsley-Jones</p>
<p>Phone: (02) 9577-5422 or 0417 291 765</p>

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