Trend looks to resellers for enterprise boost

Trend looks to resellers for enterprise boost

Antivirus vendor Trend Micro will rely on the channel to take its new Enterprise Protection Strategy (EPS) to market.

“We are focusing on the distributors and resellers because we know if we try and do it ourselves, we are only going to touch a certain number of customers,” channel and marketing director for Australia and New Zealand, Chris Poulos, said.

The new strategy, announced last week, adds a range of new products, services and architectural enhancements to manage anti virus outbreaks at various points and timeframes within an enterprise. The channel will provide the first point of contact in the rollout of the new products. In fact, the vendor hopes to drive the message home to resellers over the next three months.

“It’s the Chinese water torture, dripping effect on the channel,” Poulos joked.

The strategy aims to address all aspects of the virus outbreak lifecycle, from analysis and reporting through to threat-based scanning. To round out the offering, Trend Micro will also expand its services in the most expensive area of antivirus – the aftermath.

“About 80 per cent of the spend in antivirus is the human endeavour required to reset the computer,” Poulos said.

“The buying public see viruses as computer graffiti. This is a more extensive look at the process and it provides a more compelling story that resellers are really excited about.”

As part of the new strategy, Trend Micro will also offer service level agreements on the pattern file delivery, and will pay financial penalties if the company fails in the agreement.

“We guarantee delivery within a set time frame – that’s a pretty gutsy thing in this industry.”

Trend Micro has also appointed Greg Williams to the position of channels and marketing manager, to continue the vendor’s push to resellers. Trend Micro has already received support from integrators such as EDS, HP, Equant and DiData.

“EPS offers a comprehensive approach to the problem, which in the past has been focused on the technology rather than the people,” Williams said. “This reflects the understanding of the need for processes.”

Systems integrator and security specialist Ultimate Solutions said good installation was vital. “The advantage (of EPS) is that is reduces the risk associated with a malicious attack, but it must be installed correctly - that’s where we come in,” Ultimate’s director of technical services, Gary Hinton, said. Ultimate also provides site assistance and audits for its customers.

“Most antivirus products are not regularly updated but the customers believe they’ve installed adequate protection. The main thing with EPS is that is deployed quickly and automatically, and the protection is specific to the threat. It doesn’t just shut down the gateway and sort the problem out later, it focuses on specific aspects.”

Channel partners will soon be able to sell Trend Micro’s Gold support – a premium support package. EPS can be used on a range of different operating systems, opening the vendor up to a range of new resellers.

“It’s not just the platforms – it’s the entry points as well. It’s antivirus agnostic,” Poulos said. “For example, our damage cleanup server can be deployed where an organisation has a different AV vendor at the desktop level.”

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