Zultys resellers offered licensing program

Zultys resellers offered licensing program

IP telephony vendor, Zultys Technologies, has announced a new licensing program designed to give its resellers another method of sealing the deal.

Customers pay $2000 for a Zultys MX250 media exchange and purchase a minimum of 25 IP phones up front, which means they own the equipment outright. They then pay monthly payments for three years, after which the system is permanently enabled.

“It stops resellers having to deal with a third party financing company,” Zultys national sales manager, Tony Warhurst, said “It allows our partners to open up doors for people who have been sitting on the fence because IP telephony is more expensive than traditional systems — now it’s easily doable.”

Warhurst said the licensing program, in conjunction with finance options, was another opportunity for resellers to offer a price break.

He claimed customers opting for the program would only pay 12-14 per cent more than they would for a cash transaction.

“Some resellers would rather go with a local leasing company and that is fine by us but many of them do a lot of investigation and some new SMEs won’t have the relevant financial information to produce,” Warhurst said. “In those cases, the reseller can still offer the licensing program instead of losing the sale.

“There’s no need for application forms or credit checks because the end-user has paid full price for the phones and the system. If they miss a payment, the system is shut down until that payment is made.”

Launched earlier this year, the MX250 media exchange houses Internet and public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateways, voicemail, automated attendants, automatic call distributor (ACD) groups and a firewall in one 2U box.

Warhurst said customers wanting to expand systems down the track could pay for extra phones up front or have them factored into their monthly payments.

The licensing program was being rolled out globally and gave resellers an advantage over those working with competing IP telephony vendors, he said

“I don’t think our competitors could offer licensing programs because they would have three or four devices and servers to enable and support rather than a single box,” Warhurst said.

Zultys does all of its business through the channel but is still new to the Australian market.

It has so far signed up seven resellers — three in Melbourne, two in Sydney and two in Brisbane — but Warhurst would like to have 12-15 appointed by the end of the year.

Warhurst said he was talking to a couple in Brisbane and Sydney as well as one in WA and two in SA.

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