5 for 15: Peter Dickinson, Greentree chief executive

5 for 15: Peter Dickinson, Greentree chief executive

The keys to 2015 from industry leaders

Peter Dickinson, Greentree chief executive

Peter Dickinson, Greentree chief executive

1. Key channel plays for 2015

ERP and business management software has always been a highly challenging space requiring specialist VARs to join the business and technology dots for customers. This year’s challenge is delivering that same expertise in a shifting cloud-based world; customers will still need VARs to join the dots, being in the Cloud doesn’t change that.

2. Key technology for 2015

Mobile’s still the key technology driver but it needs to deliver functionality that’s not just token and trivial but fundamental to your business. In 2015 the real technology challenge is delivering the same, full-on functionality across all the mobile players, devices and platforms in what is a highly fragmented technology space.

3. Key message to the channel for 2015

You need to figure out if you’re a Value Added Reseller or a Commoditised Service Provider. The cloud world has shifted the relationship and economic framework between vendors and resellers and while there are pros and cons both ways, sitting on the fence is no longer an option.

4. Key warning to the channel for 2015

If you decide to be a CSP and effectively abdicate your own market development to a vendor, then you better choose the vendor(s) you’re working with carefully.

5. Key to your company’s success in 2015

There’s strength in numbers; our culture of Greentree We3 continues to see our customers, Partners and Greentree working closely and effectively together.

The continued roll out of our new browser based Greentree4 capabilities is central to us meeting our customers' changing needs and is consistent with us continually delivering choice - be it the platform they use, the devices they choose or hosting in the cloud or on-premise. Our mantra is to deliver disruptive technology without the disruption.

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