5 for 15: Cris Nicolli, UXC managing director

5 for 15: Cris Nicolli, UXC managing director

The keys to market success this year

UXC's Cris Nicolli

UXC's Cris Nicolli

Key market play for 2015?

Our focus is on customer centricity and getting to know and understand clients and their business. Technology has such a big impact on a business, but we think our job now is to help customers discern technological complexity and bring it down to a more understandable basis and help them use new technologies to disrupt their old paradigms that can have a big impact on their business.

Customers are going to invest into their core ERP. We’ve done a number of big projects, but it’s more than just ERP now and all these other applications are aligning with procurement, expense management, HR, data analytics and reporting. We’ll continue to be very focused on working with our core vendors to bring the right set of innovation with clients.

We believe there will be a significant move to refresh infrastructure and the way in which services are delivered into a more integrated service management process. We see that as being a big play for us.

Key technology trends this year?

ERP is still going to be huge and from that will spin off Big Data, electronic commerce and digital alignment.

The whole concept of cyber security and governance will be come a significant overlay on top of what we see today in core IT and business investments.

It’s not so much a technology, but more of a trend in the function of CIOs stepping up to drive more transformation and change in the business.They’ll take bigger bets, but they’ll make their bets around delivering services that will make a difference to the business.

This is the year where people will be more refined with what they get from their investments. It’s looking at how they can refine what they spend on Cloud for example. It’s not just putting it in the Cloud, but the orchestration, managing it and security. There will be more advanced thinking in better approaches towards this journey.

Key message to the market this year?

We’ve got to make sure the IT industry focuses on helping clients take complexity out of a complex world. Don’t just throw technology at people but ask what can we do to be disciplined and drive significant change through disruption and do it in a way that doesn’t impact the business negatively.

We need to be prepared to partner more. The days of thinking that you can do everything yourself are gone.

Key warning to the market?

We’ve got to stop taking customers for granted. The amount of money that is burnt on projects through ill advised, over setting expectations is criminal and it doesn’t reflect well on the industry.

As an industry, we need to stop over promising and under delivering. There have been too many high profile projects fail. Fortunately, there haven’t been that many Australian companies that have had major screw ups, maybe part of the reason is that we’re not trusted enough with some of the more complex projects like the multinationals are.

Key to UXC’s success this year?

How we treat our customers and staff. They’ve always been our rock pillars. We are going to build on our ERP leadership and looking at how we integrate the new products that are coming into the core ERP system from vendors such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. Security and governance, is going to be huge and get more intense. We’ll also increase our investment in health and ramp up retail. It’s not the only places where UXC will invest, but from a market perspective I see that being the key thing.

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