5 for 15: David Bennett, Webroot vice-president worldwide sales

5 for 15: David Bennett, Webroot vice-president worldwide sales

The keys to 2015 from industry leaders


Key channel plays for 2015?

It’s time for partners to get serious about recurring revenues. The fastest growing IT segment is managed services and that is eating away at the typical IT VAR market. It might be tough to make the full switch to an MSP model (due to its associated costs) but there are plenty of ways an IT VAR could gradually transition. One of those ways is through Webroot’s managed security solution that allows a VAR to effectively and seamlessly manage their clients security needs. Couple this with things like Office 365 and the transition to a recurring revenue model is easier, driving up customer engagement and allowing the VAR to own their whole customer journey.

Key technology trends for 2015?

It’s the connected world, look at CES this year, who dominated the show? Well it wasn’t the usual IT centric players who have all but moved out of the main show, it was home automation, white goods vendors and there were ten car manufacturers. IT connects all of these, from wearables to the connected home, each brings new revenue and market opportunities in segments a VAR probably never operated in (let alone the opportunity to secure all these new technologies).

Key message to the channel?

It’s all about journeys, moving from transaction based business to connected journey management. McKinsey & Co recently completed a study that states companies that look at every customer in terms of journeys increased their value by more than 30 per cent.

Key warning to the channel?

Change is happening and it’s not IT centric anymore, it’s 'IT connected'. Resellers need to understand the connections between consumers, to business to enterprise as we drive towards the Internet of Things (IoT). Miss that and you will be siloed in a small shrinking island.

Key to Webroot's success in 2015?

Focus on segments where we can win. Dominance in the MSP market.

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