3rd platform holds “unlimited potential” for APAC public sector

3rd platform holds “unlimited potential” for APAC public sector

Public sector organisations set to deliver new transformative capabilities in all fields of strategic and operational undertakings.

Several regional authorities across Asia-Pacific, including New Zealand and Australia, will develop new sourcing models for transformational ICT such as 3rd platform technologies for Smart City programs and for connected smart machines and intelligent sensors leading to the eventual construct of Internet of Things (IoT) landscapes.

Encompassing Cloud, Big Data, mobility and social business, IDC Government says as a result, the very premise of the 3rd platform landscape fundamentally acknowledges the value of digital data as a strategic asset.

While data assets are being collected, analysed and used more pervasively, IDC Government Insights notes that alarmingly, less than 5% of government authorities are aware of or have made plans to recognise the financial and economic value of these resources.

With public sectors being the largest custodians of citizenry data, the analyst form believes “there is no better time” than now to commence upon the economic quantification, valuation and recognition of information assets.

Revealing major trends that will impact public sector IT investments across Asia/Pacific in 2015, IDC reports that public sectors are under constant pressure to enhance their end-to-end stakeholder experiences; increase productivity and resources optimisation; as well as rethink the way their employees work.

"The 3rd platform landscape holds an almost unlimited potential to help public sector organisations to deliver new transformative capabilities in all fields of strategic and operational undertakings,” says Gerald Wang, Research Manager, IDC Government Insights, Asia/Pacific.

“Simultaneously, they are expected to continually help public sector organisations maintain proper controls for considerations such as increased transparency, better accountability and aiding value-for-money decisions.”

According to Wang, ICT is ultimately, an enabler of organisational transformation.

“It is, however, most definitely not the technology but the harmony of the entire government ecology that brings about effective public sector transformation - one that will reap benefits for both the private and public spheres,” he adds.

“Therefore, the focus on outcomes-based justifications and goals should always be the primary objective of any public sector ICT undertaking."

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