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Australian businesses still prefer traditional data services over IP based services

  • 22 October, 2003 10:27

<p>Australian businesses still prefer traditional data services over IP based services</p>
<p>While the gap is closing, IP based services will take years to overtake usage of traditional data services for businesses</p>
<p>Sydney 16th Oct 2003 - According to a newly published research report by Telsyte, “Market Size Trending Information: Australian Data Services”, the Australian market for non-Internet business data services is currently growing strongly.</p>
<p>Telsyte, a leading Australian telecommunications research organisation, produces regular research reports that track prices paid for Australian wholesale and business telecommunications bandwidth services.</p>
<p>Shara Evans, Telsyte’s Managing Director, said: “Our research shows that businesses around Australia are rapidly adopting non-Internet IP based services to link their office systems. Even though usage is growing rapidly, we predict that it will take years before non-Internet IP based services overtake the use of traditional data services.”</p>
<p>Australian Data Services (Non-Internet) Market</p>
<p>Share of service connections for FY2003
76.5% - Combined Frame Relay. ATM, Leased Line,
23.5% - Combined Non-Internet IP based services,
243,990 - Total Number of Services.</p>
<p>Telsyte prediction of share of service connections for FY2005
57.7% - Combined Frame Relay. ATM, Leased Line,
42.3% - Combined Non-Internet IP based services,
368,583 - Total Number of Services.</p>
<p>Non-Internet IP services are telecommunications services that uses IP (Internet Protocol) technology to transmit information over a private section of a telecommunications provider’s network, rather than sending the information via the public Internet.</p>
<p>These services are generally offered by telecommunications companies with service performance, security and service availability guarantees. At present, telecommunications providers are unable to offer their clients any guarantees for information transmitted across the public Internet.</p>
<p>Shara Evans commented further, “Frame Relay is an extremely popular service for businesses, and a major cash-cow for the large telcos. We predict that installation of new Frame Relay and ATM services will continue to grow strongly for at least the next 2 years.”</p>
<p>Telsyte’s latest report “Market Size Trending Information: Australian Data Services” is now available. The 33 page report contains Australian market size measurements and projections for the periods 1997 – 2005, covering Frame Relay, ATM, Leased Line, IP/MPLS and IP/Ethernet telecommunications services. The report costs $2,750 inc GST.</p>
<p>About Telsyte</p>
<p>Telsyte ( is an Australian based market research organisation that specialises in broadband technologies, services and metrics. In December 2002, Telsyte merged its operations with leading independent Telecommunications consulting firm Gibson Quai Pty Ltd ( Gibson Quai is a division of UXC which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.</p>
<p>Shara Evans Biography</p>
<p>Shara Evans, Telsyte’s founder and Managing Director is also a Director of Gibson Quai Pty Ltd.
Ms. Evans is a member of the CeNTIE (CSIRO-led Research Network Consortia) Steering Committee. In 2001, the Minister for Communications appointed Ms. Evans to the Australian Federal Government’s $40 million Advanced Networks Program (ANP) advisory panel.
She was the Founding President of the Advanced Networking Forum Australia (ANFA), the Past President of the Pacific Frame Relay Forum, and a former Board member of the Australia ATM Interest Group (AIG).</p>
<p>Media Contact</p>
<p>Sebastian Rice – Silverspan
02 9959 1991</p>
<p>For photography of Shara Evans visit:</p>
<p>Shara is also available for interviews and further comment.</p>

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