Cloud discussion now on how and not why: Bulletproof

Cloud discussion now on how and not why: Bulletproof

Managed Cloud provider sees local expectations for the Cloud continually evolve.

Australian businesses are no longer asking why they should use the Cloud, but how, according to Bulletproof.

Chief technology officer, John Ferlito, said there has been that paradigm shift where Australians view the Cloud as an important tool.

“When you look at today’s start-up, they’re not looking at buying servers and putting them in datacentres, but instead are utilising Cloud,” he said.

If a company has a new product or service they want to test, Ferlito said all is needed is a credit card or an existing relationship with a Cloud provider to do it.

“With immediate access to infrastructure, you can spend a few to see if it works,” he said.

“In the past it was a question of how they could get a couple of servers.”

Ferlito adds the capabilities of the Cloud have grown so much over the year that he "can not imagine anything" that can not be deployed into it directly.

A change in mindset

A year ago, Ferlito said companies were not doing things too differently with the Cloud compared to how they did with traditional architecture.

“When we were deploying solutions to customers, it was an existing Web or digital thing with two Web and proxy servers, as we’d manually log into the console and create to two additional web and proxy servers,” he said.

However, in the space of a year business have moved on to expect Cloud creation, auto-scaling, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CICD).

As a result, Bulletproof is engaging with customers earlier and doing more consulting to work out how they can adopt more functionality.

“In the past there, a website was developed and hosting was almost the last question that was asked,” he said.

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“Now people are thinking about that much earlier because they are seeing the benefits they can leverage off a Cloud.”

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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