NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Hammer and tongs

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Hammer and tongs

One of my spies reports that in the never-ending chip wars, Intel is working on a new chip, code-named Yamhill, which will be capable of running both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. The spy said this is in reaction to AMD's Hammer chip, which will have the same capability. Despite recently announced layoffs, AMD continues to push R&D. Being able to support both should ease migration to 64-bit, my spy added.

This month's Weasel

Another informant took it upon herself to nominate EarthLink as "Weasel of the Month". She has been trying to unsubscribe from the forced marketing EarthLink Extras for three months, to no avail. Despite being in contact with EarthLink reps, the spam persists.

Mixed message

Another spy was surfing the Kaaza network and noticed a banner ad in the lower left corner of the window for Windows Messenger. Now, I don't know that the ad was created on Microsoft's behalf, or if it is some sort of trick to reduce the credibility of Microsoft when it comes to DRM (digital rights management). Either way, it's strange that Microsoft would advertise with a peer-to-peer file sharing company, especially when it is trying to peddle its own DRM technologies.

Amber has been getting increasingly jealous about the other woman with Harley. At my local, I saw Rob the bartender chuckling. "I swear, Amber, I had no idea."

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