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InFocus launches A+ Education Program

  • 07 December, 2004 12:04

<p>Projectors transform classrooms into multimedia learning centre</p>
<p>Sydney, December 7, 2004 -InFocus® Corporation, the worldwide leader in digital projection technology and services, today announced the launch of its InFocus A+ Reseller Education Program. The program provides InFocus A+ authorised resellers with benefits, resources and competitive pricing to sell InFocus products to educators across Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>"We believe effective integration of technology and learning can benefit students far beyond the classroom," said Lee Whincup, InFocus Country Manager Australia and New Zealand. "Using projectors in the classroom increases collaboration, attention and retention, and students are better prepared to succeed in a technology-focused world."</p>
<p>Research shows that students' retention and understanding improves with multi-media teaching:
· 89 percent improvement in understanding and 23 percent improvement in retention when using words with animation instead of just words</p>
<p>· 60 percent improvement in understanding when animation and narration are simultaneous</p>
<p>Source: Multimedia Learning, Richard E. Mayer, 2004, 9 separate studies on 3 different teaching topics</p>
<p>"For teachers, digital projectors are valuable time saving tools. They invoke immediate reactions from students, provide instant feedback on projects and lead discussions without having to stop and gather everyone around a small PC monitor," said Whincup.</p>
<p>InFocus' range of digital projectors for education, including the LP®600, are developed based on extensive customer research that found that ease-of-use is a top concern for users. The InFocus portfolio includes an entire suite of user-friendly features including an LCD display window that communications on-going status information, color-coded cables, simplified keypads, menus and remote controls. This is in line with the InFocus design philosophy, called ProjectAbility(tm).</p>
<p>The InFocus A+ Reseller Education Program includes special benefits, competitive pricing, additional resources and focused support for the following projectors in the InFocus portfolio:</p>
<p>o Value (InFocus X2, LP540)</p>
<p>o Mobile (LP70+, LP120)</p>
<p>o Meeting Room (LP600, LP640, LP820)</p>
<p>o Installation/Integration (LP840, LP850)</p>
<p>A free additional one-year warranty will also be provided to accredited educational institutions that buy from A+ resellers. Terms &amp; conditions apply.</p>
<p>Last month, InFocus reaffirmed its dedication to serving the education market with the introduction of the LP600, a new projector that offers educators effortless usability. The LP600 has a simple set up and is easy to use. Features include:</p>
<p>· InFocus LitePort(tm) technology for PC-free projection</p>
<p>· Colour-coded connectors for setup in seconds</p>
<p>· LCD interactive status display</p>
<p>· Automatic keystone correction for a square image on the wall every time</p>
<p>· Auto shut-off to conserve energy and projector life</p>
<p>· Multiple inputs for computer and video (just like a TV monitor)</p>
<p>"We want to help teachers spend their time engaging with students not trying to understand projectors," said Whincup. "InFocus projectors offer educators superior technology, reliability and ease of use, giving them both success and confidence in the classroom."</p>
<p>Other ProjectAbility features and additional benefits to educators:</p>
<p>· InFocus projector lamps require less maintenance, lasting throughout the school year (often 2-4 years depending on model and use)</p>
<p>· InFocus projectors are compatible with PC and Macintosh environments</p>
<p>· Teachers can leave the classroom lights on without sacrificing image detail</p>
<p>· InFocus remote controls are interchangeable across projector models</p>
<p>· InFocus ProjectorManager(tm) controls the projector from a PC</p>
<p>· InFocus ProjectorNet(tm) software manages and monitors projectors - InFocus and other vendors - across the network</p>
<p>· InFocus LiteShow® offers wireless connection as reliable as a cable</p>
<p>· Trade in programs gives educators flexibility to upgrade from both InFocus models and other brands</p>
<p>A+ resellers will be listed on the newly designed "Where to buy" Australian web site at</p>
<p>About InFocus Corporation</p>
<p>InFocus® Corporation (Nasdaq: INFS) has been innovating and developing new ways for people to share big pictures and ideas in business, education and home entertainment for almost twenty years. Beginning with our worldwide leadership in digital projectors, today our expertise extends beyond projection into large format displays, rear projection televisions, wireless connectivity, networking software and engine technology all designed to make the presentation of ideas, information, and entertainment an exhilarating experience.</p>
<p>InFocus Corporation's global headquarters are located in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA, with regional offices in Europe and Asia. For more information, visit the InFocus Corporation web site at or contact the company at 1800 885 481 or +1 (503) 685-8888 worldwide.</p>
<p>InFocus, ASK, Proxima, ASK Proxima, LiteShow, ScreenPlay and LP are trademarks or registered trademarks of InFocus Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Digital Light Processing and DLP are trademarks of Texas Instruments.</p>
InFocus Education Projectors
Classroom Projectors: LP640, LP600, LP540</p>
<p>· Ready for wireless and network upgrades today</p>
<p>· XGA high resolution display matches computer display</p>
<p>· Vivid images, simple to use, and easy to share among classrooms.</p>
<p>LP600: gives you the world's easiest-to-use projector with PC-free playback</p>
<p>· Expands the ProjectAbility features with the addition of LitePort</p>
<p>· Simply plug USB flash drive into LitePort slot and LP600 can does the rest</p>
<p>· Sets you free, giving you truly PC-free playback</p>
<p>Value Projectors: X2, X1a</p>
<p>· Multi-use performance and lowest cost of ownership</p>
<p>· 4000 hour lamp life - lasts 3-4 school years with typical use</p>
<p>· 2000:1 contrast ratio for outstanding image quality</p>
<p>· Audio out to use with external speakers</p>
<p>Mobile Projectors: LP120, LP70</p>
<p>· Mobile projectors, easily carried in a briefcase or backpack</p>
<p>· 0.9 - 1.1 kg - ultra light weight portability</p>
<p>· 2000 - 4000 hour lamp life lasts 2-4 school years with typical use</p>
<p>Installed Projectors: LP850, LP820</p>
<p>· Powerful projectors from the world leader in digital projection</p>
<p>· Interchangeable lenses to quickly tailor image to room size</p>
<p>· Ready for wireless and network upgrades today</p>

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