Enterprise app store is not just for enterprises: ManageEngine

Enterprise app store is not just for enterprises: ManageEngine

IT management company sees local opportunities for app stores extending to SMBs.

A local app store can be leveraged by business of all sizes and not just big enterprises, according to ManageEngine.

Product management director, Rajesh Ganesan, said the difference lies in the business objectives.

“For enterprises, the expectations are more about IT having control over apps used by the users and ensuring information security,” he said.

“In the case of SMBs and mid-sized companies, the need to run their own app store would typically be to provide a way for users to easily find apps that they need to use, also fosters adoption.”

While enterprises are already working on the app store experience for users, Ganesan said SMBs and mid-sized companies can also benefit from a "light weight and inexpensive" app store platform.

“The usage tracking that is part of the platforms helps businesses understand the effectiveness of the apps and plan their way forward,” he said.

Point of differentiation

Demand for enterprise mobile applications is growing off the back of increasing mobile data traffic, with Gartner expecting 25 per cent of enterprises adopting an enterprise app store by 2017.

Ganesan expects this trend to create an opportunity for local partners and resellers in setting up and running local app stores for customers.

“Smartphone and tablet native apps are becoming standard offering as part of any software today,” he said.

“Channel partners reselling software from vendors could run a regional app store or marketplace around the software, and that would provide additional benefit to their customers.”

By adding region specific demographic information to the app store based on user feedback and usage, Ganesan said it can act as a differentiator to the services offered by a partner or reseller.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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