Customer extends software license 25 years after initial system purchase

Customer extends software license 25 years after initial system purchase

Original software had been purchased in 1990

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It's not every day that a software company receives a request for extra license seats 25 years after it sold software to a customer.

But for Hardcat, a Melbourne-based asset management software developers, that's exactly what happened.

When the surprising request came in from Jacobs Engineering, Hardcat had to delve into their customer archives.

The original software had been purchased in 1990.

Hardcat had sold an asset management solution to a growing engineering firm called Davy McKee Engineering (DME).

Over time DME had merged and rebranded as Alex Kaverna and Co, before being acquired by Jacobs E&C, which is the Australian subsidiary of global engineering power player, Jacobs Engineering.

Jacobs Engineering employs over 70,000 people and boasts annual revenues in excess of $12 billion.

Hardcat managing director, Dan Drum, told ARN he was very excited to see that the company's product had proved its worth over the 25 year period.

"This was especially exciting as we had lasted through several acquisitions and take overs," he said.

"The revenue injection was also greatly appreciated."

Drum said he believed Hardcat had stood the test of time due to the fact that it continually enhanced its software.

"Hardcat has produced a major upgrade every year for the last 25 years," he said.

"The other reason is due to its simplistic nature which allows new staff members to take up the product with minimal training.

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"We have several other clients who have been with Hardcat for 25 years, one of those being Victoria Police."

In following up with Jacobs E&C, Hardcat was able to learn that many other systems had been trialled, bought and implemented with the intention of replacing Hardcat but none had been as simple to use and as effective in managing physical assets.

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