NRMA entrusts roadside assistance service to Oracle

NRMA entrusts roadside assistance service to Oracle

Oracle database appliance to serve roadside assistance service deployed in hours

NRMA applications support manager, Ashok Sharma, explains deployment of Oracle Engineered Systems.

NRMA applications support manager, Ashok Sharma, explains deployment of Oracle Engineered Systems.

NRMA has deployed an Oracle database appliance to serve its mission critical roadside assistance service in just a few hours.

The iconic service, which answered over two million calls for help last year, has deployed Oracle Engineered Systems and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance.

The enterprise-grade platform for mission critical roadside assistance system reduces license costs by up to 50 percent and delivers database performance gains, according to a company statement.

NRMA group chief information officer, Glenn Mason, said a number of calls could be urgent and that it was vital the system was functioning at all times.

"For example, babies locked in a car on a hot day or vulnerable people requesting roadside assistance in remote regions at night," he said.

"As such, we classify our CAD system as mission critical.

"Any prolonged downtime can result in unacceptable levels of service for members, high level of stress for NRMA staff who then have to dispatch calls manually and it has the potential to cause significant damage to our reputation and brand.

"This system has to be supported by a highly reliable enterprise class system."

NRMA was able to save significant time and costs, and boost customer service by deploying Oracle Database Appliance for its computer aided dispatch system (CADS) that underpins the end-to-end process for its roadside assistance services.

Based on the success of this roll-out the company has purchased additional Oracle Database Appliances, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machines, and Oracle ZS3-BA for backup and recovery.

NRMA IT manager, Ashok Sharma, said deploying the Oracle Database Appliance was extremely easy and quick, taking just a few hours.

"There is no way we could have achieved this with an alternative system. In addition, the pay as you go model has allowed a member-owned organisation, like heavy upfront investment and caters for our future growth plans where we will be able to add more databases as needed."

Oracle Database Appliance is one of Oracles Engineered Systems that arrives to the customer pre-integrated with hardware and software.

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