Digital cameras set to stuff stockings

Digital cameras set to stuff stockings

With digital camera prices plummeting since last year's festive season, the devices will be a favourite with Santa this Christmas, provided manufacturers can keep up with demand.

Ross Whitelaw, managing director of distributor Leading Edge, is expecting a significant ramp up in digital camera sales in the lead up to Christmas, so long as there are no supply shortages.

"Stock will be a critical issue. For the last six months we've been trying to replenish our stock of Canon A200 digital cameras which have been hugely successful, but Canon has told us we won't be getting more stock until after Christmas."

Whitelaw said that while the Canon shortage is frustrating during the annual Q4 spending spree, users will simply turn to other digital cameras. "We expect the Kodak CX4200 to be a big seller during the Christmas season. It's not the lowest priced digital camera we stock, but consumers aren't interested in buying toy cameras and are prepared to spend a little extra to ensure they're getting a quality product."

Australian distributor Microbits is expecting its range of low-priced SiPix digital cameras to be a popular parcel in Santa's sack. Priced from $99 to $199, the SiPix range of cameras are inexpensive gifts and could prove popular with the cost-conscious end-user market.

Microbits business development manager Tony Rowe said the SiPix range will be a popular gift for children, students and families. "Students can use the SiPix for their studies, families save money on film and photo processing and its simplicity lets children have fun taking photos and sharing them with friends."

Rowe believes the low price points will attract not only traditional outlets such as computer stores, but resale outlets including camera stores, department stores, electrical retailers and youth-oriented shops

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