Australia leads Asia Pacific in digital marketing: CMO Council

Australia leads Asia Pacific in digital marketing: CMO Council

Latest survey finds skill levels for marketers have stalled across Asia Pacific.

A recent study by CMO Council has found Australian marketers lead Asia Pacific in digital marketing, though advanced implementation has stalled.

Programs and operations VP, Liz Miller, said the Adobe-sponsored report, Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard, found skill levels have stalled across Asia Pacific.

“We really haven’t seen year over year an explosion in skill, particular in marketing,” she said.

“Across Asia-Pacific, but also in Australia, that seems to be one of the big setbacks.”

While the survey did not find a large advancement of skills in Australia, Miller said the market is demonstrating leadership for digital marketing performance across Asia.

52 per cent of local organisations said chief marketing executives own the digital marketing strategy, compared with 39 per cent across Asia Pacific.

Only 38 per cent of Asia Pacific companies have a digital champion on the leadership team, while in Australia it is 62 per cent.

Miller said the results indicate a support for increased investment in digital marketing across Asia.

“We aren’t seeing, however, an improvement in mindset around data being a competitive differentiator, or having dedicated digital staff executing digital marketing campaigns,” she said.

Time for improvement

81 per cent of Australian marketers picked engagement as the key driver in adopting of digital, compared with 58 per cent across Asia Pacific.

As organisations call for more digital experiences, Miller said the focus needs to be on the types of skills being brought into the organisation.

“People need to be looking at that as an opportunity for transformation, such as bringing new analytics skills and capabilities that are really adept at digital,” she said.

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Digital should also be looked at as a competitive differentiator for an organisation.

“Maybe that’s when we’ll start to see the survey results take on an accelerated change, and markets in Asia will start to become far more competitive globally with digital performance,” Miller said.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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