A Global challenge

A Global challenge

ARN: Please describe your business

Murray: We are technology enablers. We do systems integration work and our primary objective is to provide the best products and solutions for the customer. We have a strong mechanical and electrical engineering background and have a powerful project management methodology called Smart Pro which ensures IT projects are completed on time. We are a corporate services company for large corporations and governments and provide rapid development of systems for the Internet, telecommunications, IT and globalisation needs.

Does your business have a special area of focus?e-business for the business-to-business market although what we are finding with end-to-end solutions is that we need to include business-to-consumer in the equation.

What type of customer do you primarily cater to?

Large corporations and some government departments. For example, we work in the manufacturing, mining, procurement, asset management, road, rail and airport areas.

What differentiates your company from others in the same field?

Our engineering skills combined with our IT skills enable us to build very practical solutions. We find pure IT companies focus only on technology rather than business processes so we view technology as part of the strategy, not the means itself. A lot of IT vendors bring only new technology into an organisation and once you do that you have to re-engineer and revisit business processes.

Which vendors do you partner with and why?

GE Xpress. We partner with vendors and other service providers to compete for tenders. For example, Sydney Airport has just called for tenders for its end-to-end business solution and we've put together a consortium including Sun, Ardent, Datacom and GE Xpress. We look at what the job requires and select a range of products that suit the need.

What do you look for in a vendor partnership?

A business that's compatible with ours but not competing. So with a vendor we look for an offering that complements our own offering.

What new or emerging technologies offer your company the best opportunity?

Internet protocols and digital convergence. At some point in the future we hope to be well placed to handle the Internet convergence into digital broadcast, which is what the TV channels are moving towards. The exercise of converging from analog to digital is a high-cost, high-risk venture for the TV channels. They are looking for strong project management and the technical skills that we can bring to the table. It's an extension of our core business but it will allow us to build up competency in digital convergence, skills which don't really exist in Australia at the moment.

Where does your company excel most in its business methodologies?

Being able to finish a project on time. We call it "the art". We are the master of the art of getting things right first time. In a similar way to a project manager in the building and construction industry pulling projects together, we are trying to position ourselves in the IT industry. It's a space not yet occupied in this sector.

What are the key buying motives among your customers?

Our practicality and breath and depth of experience. We have a lot of different technical skills so the customers we target are organisations who can utilise our skills. We offer them an end-to-end solution.

What are the major challenges facing your company?

A race against time to position ourselves in the e-business marketplace. There is a lot of manoeuvring with the big players such as the big IT, accounting and consulting firms. Our challenge is to make sure we get a foothold.

What is the major inhibitor to your business?

Recruiting good staff.

What piece of advice would you offer to other integrators?

Don't lose sight of the fact technology is just part of the overall business strategy.profile ICS Global Based: Sydney Started: 1990 Other offfices: Melbourne, Perth and London Staff: 50 Turnover $13 million Growth: 20 per cent per annum

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