Sun claims Windows 98 is not the full Java bean

Sun claims Windows 98 is not the full Java bean

Sun Microsystems last week asked a US court to prevent Microsoft from shipping a version of Windows 98, which Sun says contains a version of Java that is incompatible with Sun's own version.

In two motions, Sun asked the court to require that any copy of Windows 98 that has Java content, be shipped with a Sun-compatible implementation of the Java platform.

Sun has also asked the court to bar Microsoft from shipping its software tools for the Java programming environment unless they generate only fully-compatible Java software.

The motions were filed to ensure Windows users have access from Microsoft to the same version of Java that is compatible with Sun's version, said Sun officials.

Calling the version of Java that is due to ship with Windows 98 "tainted code", Alan Baratz, president of Sun's Javasoft division said Sun "only recently completed review of Windows 98 code and it is clear that Microsoft is continuing to seek ways to flout its contractual obligations."

The version of Java in Windows 98 contains changes made to the core code, which means applications written with Microsoft software could be compiled by and run only on Microsoft software, Baratz said.

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