Ellison bets on the Net

Ellison bets on the Net

Oracle chairman and CEO Larry Ellison recently said the company is betting its future on the Internet, aiming to tap an explosion in business-to-business software services that the Internet will spark.

Ellison reiterated the selling points of Oracle8i, due out at the end of the year, and outlined plans for upcoming Internet-based applications and the new Oracle Business Online service that it is launching.

These new products and services are based on the premise that businesses will buy into the concept of using small numbers of industrial strength databases, to which users connect over the Internet to access applications and data. This is a departure from the client/server model, which requires larger numbers of smaller databases placed at every local area network, Ellison said.

"What we've done with the client/server model is distribute complexity," he claims. "It takes a tremendous amount of work to back up and maintain all that data and applications on users' desktops."

The Internet computing model combines the best of the mainframe and client/server worlds, according to Ellison. "You have professionally backed up data . . . and users have a great graphical interface," he said.

Oracle8i was built to run applications over the Internet, and supports both interpreted and compiled Java, Ellison stressed.

He portrayed it as a platform that can consolidate not only data but Java objects and Windows files.

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