Tufin in Australia: software-defining datacentres and automating channel

Tufin in Australia: software-defining datacentres and automating channel

CEO Ruvi Kitov details the vendor’s SDDC play, VMware, and channel automation

Tufin CEO, Ruvi Kitov, and APAC director, Tim Murphy.

Tufin CEO, Ruvi Kitov, and APAC director, Tim Murphy.

Tufin has been servicing Australia since scoring its first customer down under in June 2009. Five years on, and the network security management and risk assessment company has a physical presence in the local market (as of July) with a Melbourne office through which Asia-Pacific (APAC) director, Tim Murphy, is now managing the entire region.

The expansion is timely; quite a buzz has been building surrounding ‘software-defined’ in the past 12 months, and with its physical networking play well established, Tufin is focusing on the software-defined datacentre (SDDC).

“Up until now there has been effort in virtualisation around computing,” Tufin co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO), Ruvi Kitov, said.

“Compute as in virtual machines has been around for several years, and in most large organisations, servers are virtual; it can be private with the vendor managing, or public, which is less common among enterprises due to security.”

“The SDDC went through a number of evolutions. Compute was first, then there was storage, and the next pillar is networking.”

Tufin’s focus was extended through its partnership with VMware at VMworld 2014 which will see its security policy orchestration capabilities extended through VMware’s NSX network virtualisation platform.

Tufin does for VMware what it does for physical device vendors; once an organisation wants to implement a change between two zones within a SDDC, Tufin’s model assesses whether that proposed adjustment will, in layman’s terms, break anything. This is in line with VMware’s microsegmentation, and the division of network zones in line with access policy.

“For any reseller that has been in the networking security space, there is an opportunity to add a new networking vendor through VMware,” Kitov said.

“There is a different type of reseller that has been carrying VMware for a while – maybe more in storage – and now they can enter the networking fields through NSX.”

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“Large organisations will have a SDDC, and many will need a networking solution. There is other technology already in that space, but VMware will itself be a major player.”

Tufin has 20 reseller partners in Australia, including (companies traditionally recognised as vendors) IBM, Fujitsu, O2 Networks, and GreenLight which integrate Tufin’s platform into their own products, as well as a series of additional specialist integrators. It also relies on M.Tech for distribution, a contract signed in August 2010.

Tufin’s own execution model is comprised of three layers; the infrastructure layer at the base (simulation and network topology), followed by the automation layer, and topped by application connectivity where developers are given an overview of the network connections require to allow an application to function.

According to Kitov, the software-defined message is resonating well with Australian customers, and he claims the company is seeing significant interest in the local market.

Partnering with the dominant networking players, including Cisco, Juniper Networks, Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, and Fortinet, Tufin services the “horizontal interests” of unnamed large enterprises which Kotev describes as “very conservative.”

Through the portal

Tufin will soon launch a new user and partner centre within its online portal to automate elements of its channel engagement.

It includes the introduction of online deal registration (previously done physically) which is connected to its CRM to allow resellers to enter new deals to be approved by sales representatives, and gain access to tracking, license status, and tickets. Automated renewals have also been introduced for incumbent resellers.

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