HGST unveils six new offerings to exploit datacentre opportunity

HGST unveils six new offerings to exploit datacentre opportunity

New offerings will help manage the increasing volume, velocity and longevity of data

HGST, a Western Digital company, is looking to exploit the growing datacentre market with six new offerings that will help manage the increased volume, velocity and longevity of data.

HGST president, Mike Cordano, said the company was offering the broadest portfolio of SSDs, HDDs, software and solutions in the industry.

“By providing complete solutions for both performance and capacity centric environments, we’re enabling our data centre customers and partners to focus on developing new services and capabilities that drive competitive differentiation and profitability for their businesses," he said.

"The products and solutions announced today ensure that HGST sustains its heritage as the most trusted provider of innovative data storage offerings to maintain market leadership.”

Among the new offerings is the server-side clustering volume management software - HGST Virident Space.

This allows clustering of up to 128 servers and 16 PCIe storage devices to deliver one or more shared volumes of high performance flash storage with a total usable capacity of more than 38TB.

The High Availability (HA), mirrored cluster is easily configured and managed through an advanced graphical user interface.

According to a company statement, HGST Virident Space is ideal for shared storage applications like Oracle RAC and Red Hat Global File System that traditionally relied on dedicated SAN storage.

It also provides MySQL environments with new levels of availability and efficiency where a single stand-by server can be deployed as an alternative to dedicated replication pairs, saving as much as 37 per cent on total server count.

HGST Virident Space is currently being tested by hyperscale and datacentre customers worldwide.

It is also hoped the company's NVMe-compliant Ultrastar SN100 PCIe SSD series will drive the next wave of server flash adoption withsimplified system integration paired with HGST’s renowned quality and reliability.

It will be implementing NVMe-compatible extensions aimed at leveraging device affinity by providing tight integration of value-add software that interfaces directly with the PCIe SSD’s NAND flash management.

HGST’s Ultrastar SN100 NVMe PCIe SSDs will be offered as a HH-HL add-in card, as well as a standard 2.5-inch drive form factor, with industry-leading capacities up to 3.2TB.

All future HGST enterprise capacity HDDs will use the HelioSeal platform.

It is also now shipping an 8TB HDD which delivers 33 per cent more Capacity and 23 Percent lower power.

The sealed, helium-filled hard drives enable lower power consumption and higher density storage systems, requiring less rack space, the company claims.

It has also launched the world’s first data centre-class 10TB HDD for cloud and cold storage applications.

This drive harnesses two complementary technologies: HelioSeal technology and Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR).

It also provides the foundation for all future scaling technologies, putting HGST on an accelerated path to delivering high capacities into existing and future form factor designs. HGST is currently sampling the new 10TB HDDs.

HGST claims to provide a ten times increase in storage density and power efficiency compared to traditional enterprise data centre solutions and a five times increase in storage density and power efficiency, when compared to commonly used scale out Cloud datacentre solutions.

Targeting capacities of over 10 petabytes in a single datacentre rack, its active archive platform leverages industry leading device capacities along with additional points of device affinity that enable enhanced density, performance, efficiency and reliability.

By doing so, the company aims to offer the lowest $/TB and Watts/TB in the highest capacity per rack available.

Active archive platforms can be configured for a complete range of storage architectures including scale out object storage solutions for public and private cloud data centres.

HGST has begun sample delivery of the active archive platform to strategic partners. Complete details and specifications will be available in early 2015.

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