Wyse expects high on Tablets

Wyse expects high on Tablets

Thin-client hardware vendor Wyse Technology is gearing up for a new sales boom, with the mindshare generated by the launch of the Tablet PC expected to result in sales for thin-client vendors.

Wyse Technology, one of the largest thin-client vendors in the world, has been working for 12 months with Microsoft on the software to run the Mira Tablet PC, a smaller form factor cousin of the Tablet PC.

These devices, to be marketed as "Web Tablets", still feature a large screen like their larger cousins, but contain little processing power and maintain only a small operating system footprint.

Paul Wilcox, sales manager for Wyse in Australia and New Zealand, said that thin-client computing has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years and Tablet computing is likely to help the industry maintain its phenomenal growth. Research company IDC has reported that thin-client computing, where most applications and data are stored and processed on centralised servers rather than at the PC (client), is undergoing 30 per cent year-on-year growth.

Wilcox sees the healthcare, manufacturing and distribution industries as the most logical verticals to adopt "thin-client" versions of Tablet computing technology. Wilcox said Wyse is already in discussions with Australian health departments and medical companies. "It is one of the few industries that remains server-based due to the privacy implications of holding client information locally on handheld devices," he said.

He also sees the verticals of manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution as prime targets, as their existing handheld data entry systems tend to be proprietary and thus expensive to develop new applications for, whereas Tablet computing is all based on the Windows platform.

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