Compuware identifies channel ops

Compuware identifies channel ops

Compuware's new application performance management suite will offer resellers the daily double of margin and ongoing revenue, according to channels manager Ted Curtis.

The Vantage 8 suite brings seven of the Compuware tools into the one offering and the vendor hopes the new product will provide the channel with the opportunity to not only win ongoing business, but collect a healthy margin from the sale of the product to end users.

"There are a lot of people out there doing managed services," said Curtis. "With Vantage 8 they can do that through their own centre or undertake the management on a contractual basis."

Compuware's software allows managers to look at traffic by application, rather than simply by monitoring IP packets. The software has already been rolled out across several government departments, including the Department of Defence, Centrelink and the Queensland Department of Main Roads.

Peter Pritchard, Compuware's regional director for marketing and opportunity management, said because the software looks at the applications on the network, it is ideal as a pre-production tool.

"A side-effect is it lets you code better because it looks inside the application," he said. "The general fix for traffic management is to throw more bandwidth at the problem, but quite often it's not a bandwidth issue, it's latency that's the problem."

Vantage 8 can also produce reports that are in business rather than IT language, which is particularly advantageous since financial officers are increasingly controlling IT budgets.

"We have a customer in Canberra that has put VantageView consoles into their business units, so they can talk to information systems in the same language," Pritchard said.

It is this sort of use that can translate to the channel. Compuware provides licences for the software so its partners can use the software on a short-term basis as a consultant. The timeframe can be as short as one month, but the software can be used to identify network management issues across an enterprise.

"Customers can see the tools being used and they will often say ‘this is a great tool' and buy the product outright," Curtis said.

Curtis believes the opportunity lies in the dual advantages of being able to offer ongoing business to the reseller, while also providing the margin of an outright sale, should the client wish to purchase the product outright.

"We are trying to meet that middle layer, which has the knowledge for providing not only the service but margin on the product."

Vantage 8 tools

NetworkVantage: Isolates and fixes application performance problems.
ServerVantage: Manages application performance problems across servers and databases.
Client Vantage: Monitors end-user experience.
Application Expert: Resolves pre-production performance problems.
Application Vantage: Troubleshoots production bottlenecks.
Predictor: WAN provisioning and growth management.
VantageView: An integrated Web console.

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