Network protector seeks channel links

Network protector seeks channel links

The Brisbane-based manufacturer of a new network protection appliance is appealing for resellers and distributors to help it bridge the gap between development and market success.

The net-Box, developed by Oxcoda, is designed to sit on the boundary of a network and provide protection from external traffic and possible intrusions. It is being targeted primarily at companies with 5-100 network seats, which the manufacturer believes has been neglected by large organisations and is therefore more prone to security holes.

"For an SME to run the type of protection offered by net-Box through recognised brands would cost an arm and a leg in maintenance and management. There is a very big gap in the market for that sector, which I am confident we can fill, and we are also aware of large-scale opportunities," said Jonn Ryan, sales and marketing manager.

"We are a fairly young company with a product that is new to the marketplace and what we need to do, in order to take the business and product to the next level, is expand our reseller network," he continued.

"We do have a reseller and distributor base in South East Queensland as well as links in Sydney and South Australia, but our channel development is still in the very early stages. Once that is established we will become invisible."

The net-Box comes in four models - Micro, Office, Corporate and Enterprise - with approximate prices ranging from $2,000 to $16,000 depending on the number of users, software features, type of Internet connection and warranty arrangements.

"We have designed, developed and manufactured the net-Box ourselves and can offer margins to resellers and distributors that are unheard of in the IT hardware sector. The end-user price is competitive but our business partners can still expect to make 40 per cent margins on the Enterprise box and 20 per cent on the Micro," claimed Ryan.

"We decided to keep the software modular because each client is different. This gives them more flexibility and the box can always be added to as their business develops."

Net-Box features include firewall, gateway, transparent POP3 Proxy to scan for inappropriate content and viruses, e-mail hosting and scanning, network monitoring and logging, and secure virtual private networks. An "automatic update system" ships updates directly to every active net-Box as soon as they are developed.

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