Huawei ICT Roadshow: New CEO lays out his vision for the Australian channel

Huawei ICT Roadshow: New CEO lays out his vision for the Australian channel

CEO Xichu Zhao used Huawei’s ICT Roadshow to ‘open a window’ to the company’s opportunities

Huawei's new CEO, Xichu Zhao

Huawei's new CEO, Xichu Zhao

Huawei's new CEO, Xichu (James) Zhao took the stage at Huawei's ICT Roadshow to lay out his vision for the Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor's channel push in Australia.

Huawei’s march to global dominance, especially in the last two to three years, has seen the company emerge as a key telecommunications vendor, and, it hopes, a major new enterprise force.

The company produced $39.5bn in sales revenue in the last year, and jumped up into the 285th position in the Fortune 500.

Although present in Australia since 2002 in a more minor, backroom capacity, the Chinese company is now making a big push into the channel, branching out from its traditional telco roots and embracing the enterprise through the launch of a new Channel programme, new products and a new CEO Xichu (James) Zhao.

Zhao’s keynote focused on what he sees as its key focus for the company in Australia, the channel.

Despite some bad press for the company, which saw it banned from bidding on the NBN build in Australia, and similar xenophobic moves in the USA, Zhao stated simply: “Huawei is a new friend.”

“The emergence of SDN and big data has brought us many new opportunities,” he said.

“We want to focus on disruptive innovation, and to move faster to head to the industry.”

Zhao said that the average staff age in Huawei is just 31 years old, compared to the industry average of 45, which has led the company to focus on collecting huge amounts of innovative patents. Already ten per cent of the company’s revenue is reinvested into R&D yearly.

“We want to see continuous improvement of Huawei’s core products.”

The company aims to push its new enterprise products through the Channel, and used the event to reaffirm its commitment to its new distributor, DNA Connect. The company wants to see the company optimise its use of local businesses, utilising “sound cooperation based of mutual benefits.”

As part of this focus, Zhao boasted of his company’s focus on open standards, which he sees as the foundation of all modern technological innovation.

“We need to work together for common prosperity,” Zhao said.

In a world first, Australia will be the first country where Huawei appoints a local board - meaning decisions can be made locally, without having to report back to Shenzhen, China.

Zhao told attendees that the purpose of this first ever Huawei ICT Roadshow is to “open a window to us”, and that the company would not be playing favourites – it wants to work with everyone.

“We want our partners to achieve their objectives, and achieve their verticals.”

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