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New Voice XML Platform

  • 30 October, 2003 13:09

<p>Sydney, Australia, October 2003</p>
<p>SYSTEM SOLUTIONS, Australian Developer of Messaging and Communication Solutions, today announced a new standards-based platform for deploying voice, speech and telephony applications.</p>
<p>MESSAGEmanager Voice is based on Voice XML, a Web-based mark-up language designed for establishing dialogs with callers over the telephone, providing voice access to Web content and services using speech recognition, text-to-speech, and audio prompts. MESSAGEmanager supports all VoiceXML 2.0 tags and JavaScript using native Microsoft XML and scripting engines.</p>
<p>Multiple applications such as voice mail, auto attendant, IVR, unified messaging and communications can be supported simultaneously according to calling number (ANI), called number (DNIS), line number or date and time.</p>
<p>Access to analog, ISDN and IP networks is provided by technology from Intel Dialogic and Brooktrout. Conversation with the caller is sustained via Speech Recognition (ASR) or telephone keypad input (DTMF) supplemented with text to speech technology.</p>
<p>MESSAGEmanager avoids the problems associated with traditional legacy IVR systems that rely on proprietary application development environments, by leveraging internet technology infrastructure such as Web Services, COM or OLE DB to back-end business systems to deliver innovative speech driven solutions.</p>
<p>“Voice services implemented with MESSAGEmanager are less costly and less complex to develop, manage and maintain than proprietary systems as they can be easily updated by internal IT staff with HTML skills, and by distributing development and maintenance costs across both Web and Voice, deliver rapid integration into existing systems,” according to Howard Maylor, System Solutions Voice Product Manager.</p>
<p>“Unlike Captaris who recently sold off the CallXpress Voice Product Line because of increasing costs, System Solutions development strategy has focused on using standard components such as SQL, .NET, IIS Server and Voice XML to reduce costs and to enable us to deliver cost effective voice mail, unified messaging, unified communications and speech technology to our customers” said Maylor.</p>
<p>“For example MESSAGEmanager VOICE MAIL which runs on the MESSAGEmanager VoiceXML Platform, utilises the Desktop Edition of Microsoft SQL for the mailbox message store. MSDE places no limitation on the number of mailboxes or number of messages stored and requires only two connections - the MESSAGEmanager Voice Service and Management Tools irrespective of the number of calls in progress.”</p>
<p>“The Management Tools employ MMC and .NET to enable the Server, mailboxes, PBX integration and scripts etc. to be configured and managed locally or from any web browser. No access to the corporate web Server is required nor is Microsoft licensing needed for the .NET framework MESSAGEmanager VoiceXML Server is licensed by line and features Telephony, TTS and ASR resources and runs on Pentium IV machines with 512 MB RAM, Windows 2000, Professional or Server, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server.”</p>
<p>About System Solutions
System Solutions has been developing innovative communication solutions for over
20 years. System Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner and IBM Business Partner with a committed focus on industry standards, messaging trends and operating environments.</p>
<p>MESSAGEmanager is a powerful Open, Standards based, Windows 2000 Certified Communications Server for fax, telex, mail, SMS, voice messaging and computer telephony applications. MESSAGEmanager seamlessly integrates with Outlook &amp; Exchange, Notes &amp; Domino and all popular mail, CRM and ERP products. With built-in support for COM and XML MESSAGEmanager can be easily integrated into many third party products.</p>
<p>MESSAGEmanager is available through a global network of Partners, Resellers and System Integrators.</p>
<p>Howard Maylor has worked in the Voice and Communications Industry for over thirty years, with ten years as Technical Manager at Active Voice.</p>
<p>CONTACT: Josie Koppel, System Solutions, Tel: + 61 2 8448 8885, Fax: + 61 2 8448 8855

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