PC giant pushes TV into Aussie bedrooms

PC giant pushes TV into Aussie bedrooms

Dell is moving into Australian bedrooms with its introduction of an affordable 48cm LCD TV for under $1500.

The company known primarily for its PCs has been selling TVs in the US for over a year and yesterday launched its cheapest model in Australia for the first time.

The move follows research commissioned by Dell which found that 37 per cent of Australian households have weekly disputes over what television program to watch. The research also found the favoured destination for a new television to be the bedroom.

Dell's director of software and peripherals, David McQuarrie, said Dell had introduced its sub-$1500 portable wide screen LCD TV to Australia because it had such an accessible price point.

"We want people to get comfortable with TVs in any room of the home and make them more affordable," he said.

The Dell TV is designed for DVD, as well as standard TV signals and High-Definition broadcast standards.

The TV comes with Dell's service and support and a one-year warranty. As with its other products, Dell guarantees consumers will get a replacement TV the next working day if there is a problem that cannot be resolved over the phone.

McQuarrie said he expected Dell's move to push down LCD TV prices, just as printer prices were pushed down with Dell's entry into that market last year.

"Dell would continue its traditional strategy of not using retail outlets or mainstream advertising, as a way to keep prices low," he said.

Dell corporate communications manager, Paul McKeon, said there were no firm plans to introduce any other TV models to Australia at this stage.

"However, we will grow the range to meet demand," he said.

McKeon believes this move will help Dell be recognised as a consumer electronics and entertainment company.

"Even though we have a number of non-PC related products, the introduction of a TV will definitely help us be recognised in that consumer electronics space," he said.

The TVs can be ordered online and will be dispatched within four working days.

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