iFixIt giving away 15K iPhone ‘liberation kits'

iFixIt giving away 15K iPhone ‘liberation kits'

iFixIt is giving away iPhone "liberation kits," which contain a special screwdriver needed to get at the inside of an iPhone.

Having been so widely saluted last year, the folks at iFixIt have declared today through the Fourth of July to be "Liberation Week" for iPhone owners, 15,000 of whom can receive for free a special tool needed to get at the innards of an iPhone.

Last year's giveaway saw 1,776 "liberation kits" claimed in a mere 15 minutes.

Here's where you can get yours this time. (From the fine print: "Submitting your information signs you up for our infrequent newsletter and adds your first name and city to our Repair Pledge.")

From an iFixIt  press release:

What's a Liberation Kit? Take a quick look at the bottom of your iPhone. See those two screws? Those are pentalobe screws--a proprietary screw developed by Apple to keep people out of their own phones. It's a service monopoly in the shape of a five-pointed star.

Keeping you out of your iPhone means that any problem needs to be diagnosed by a "Genius." Why shouldn't you open your phone to clean out water damage--or fix a cable that got knocked loose--or replace a used up battery?

Because Apple said so. But we aren't gonna let them have the last word.

Our iPhone Liberation Kits put you back in the driver's seat. Swap your pentalobe screws with standard Phillips screws and cut out the middleman.

Last year this time I did not own an iPhone; now I do, so I have a "liberation kit" coming my way.

Here's what the "repair pledge" says:

"I, Paul McNamara, pledge to liberate my iPhone. I promise to repair: I will learn to fix things I didn't think I could, buy things that are built to last, fight for our right to repair, and share what I learn along the way."

We'll see if I can summon the courage.

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