Local resellers become targets in Nigerian scam

Local resellers become targets in Nigerian scam

Australian resellers are being targeted in what appears to be the latest scam to emerge from Nigeria.

A Nigerian company, operating under the name of the CSB Group, has recently placed orders for between 10 and 12 hard disk drives, and one order for RAM, using different Mastercard numbers for each order, according to Richard Dexter, business development manager at Melbourne-based freight company bluefreight.

Dexter said he became aware of the alleged scam when bluefreight requested credit card details including the name on the card from CSB Group before sending the orders of hard drives to Nigeria. Bluefreight has not heard from the company since submitting the request.

"If you're in Nigeria, why on earth would you order hard drives from Australia when you can buy them cheaper from countries like Singapore?" Dexter said.

When Dexter informed the Australian Federal Police of the incidents, the police department agreed that the company's actions were suspicious, but that in terms of law enforcement Nigeria was out of their jurisdiction.

Nigeria has been associated with a number of international scams recently, including money transfer rorts where victims are offered a reward for assisting in transferring money to Nigeria and are asked to pay all sorts of "advance fees" to facilitate the transfer. The non-existent fees are where the scammers make their money.

According to Dexter, resellers in Ballarat, Melbourne, Queensland and Sydney have already taken hard drive orders from the Nigerian company. Dexter advises resellers that have filled orders for CSB Group to contact their banks and verify whether or not the credit cards used to pay for the orders are indeed stolen.

Bluefreight will continue to hold goods ordered by the company for its reseller customers until it is verified that the credit card numbers have been stolen, Dexter said.

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