WatchGuard gives IT real time unified web interface

WatchGuard gives IT real time unified web interface

WatchGuard releases Fireware 11.9 operating system

WatchGuard Technologies has released a new Unified Threat Management System that gives IT professionals an integrated web interface for managing and monitoring their entire network in real time.

The Unified Threat Management System and Next Generation firewall appliances allow users to deploy, configure and manage both wired and wireless network security through a single appliance in a “single pane of glass” view.

This enhanced wireless functionality – made possible by the release of WatchGuard’s Fireware 11.9 operating system – eliminates the need for additional wireless network management solutions.

Watchguard Technologies, vice president of corporate and product strategy, Dave R. Taylor, said wireless was an extension of an organisation's wired network.

"Yet, IT professionals are often forced to use separate tools and complex solutions when securing and managing those networks,” he said.

“The latest update to our platform is a significant step forward and an industry first.

He said it would save customers time and money by allowing them to consolidate management and security around their wired and wireless networks.

"Set your policies once and they apply to all traffic, wired and wireless alike.”

It gives IT professionals the ability to quickly map wireless Access Points (APs) and coverage, change both wired and wireless security policies simultaneously, and to enforce traffic, coverage and security standards across the entire network infrastructure, according to a company statement.

The organisation can also evaluate traffic and channel conflicts, identify vulnerabilities, manage bandwidth prioritization and even map all wireless activity on neighbouring networks sharing the same frequency.

This insures that all traffic and security issues are apparent and can be addressed in real time, including rogue APs that may mimic others on the network.

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