The concept of privacy is not unrealistic: McAfee

The concept of privacy is not unrealistic: McAfee

Security vendor finds that Australia is taking privacy seriously along with Europe

In today’s digital age it may seem like the concept of privacy is unrealistic, but McAfee, part of Intel Security, remains upbeat about the prospects.

Chief privacy officer, Michelle Dennedy, said privacy is not only realistic, but it is the centre of business and information in modern society.

“If you are talking about intellectual property control, the minute someone steals, leverages or sells content, it becomes a privacy concern,” she said.

Dennedy clarifies that privacy is no longer only about endpoints, Internet of Things, or ubiquitous computing.

Instead, it has become an integral part of our daily lives, which holds true as much internationally as it does locally in Australia.

“With privacy, the new innovation will be to preserve and secure connections,” Dennedy said.

Tightening privacy

There is a global movement toward stricter privacy regulations, and Australia counts itself among the countries leading this charge.

Dennedy describes Australia as one of the leaders in the area, attributing some of the praise to the adequacy rating gained with the European Union.

“That’s going to hold it in good stead as things become more politically restricted in Europe and its data, along with the push for localisation,” she said.

What Australia has in common with other “smart regimes” like Canada is what Dennedy describes as a “pragmatic approach to security.”

“Reasonable security is an important thing to have on the books,” she said.

“Organisations are going to vary from place to place, but to have a level of reasonableness and guidance around it is a good thing.”

Dennedy said the US is and will continue to fall behind in this respect, even with restrictions in place with regulation.

“Without federal law we are perceived to be behind the curve, and I will be surprised if we see a federal bill in this administration,” she said.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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