Flappy Bird will flap again in August, creator says

Flappy Bird will flap again in August, creator says

Add another big title to this summer's blockbuster releases: Flappy Bird is coming back to smartphones.

The highly-addictive gaming craze that sparked hundreds of clones from unknown app developers and even Sesame Street is making a comeback. Yes, one-tap sensation Flappy Bird is returning to smartphones this August, and its dragging a brand new multi-player mode along with it.

But challenging your friends won't be the only change coming to the new Flappy Bird. The August release will apparently be "less addictive" than the original, developer Dong Nguyen recently told CNBC.

The magic of the flap

The original appeal of Flappy Bird was its mix of simple game design and maddeningly difficult gameplay.

In a throwback to the early days of video games, Flappy Bird also sent you right back to the beginning of the game when you died--no matter how far you'd progressed.

It didn't really matter, though, since there wasn't a clear end to the game beyond beating your previous high score. Theoretically, a skilled player could fly their bird forever through the game's maze of Mario-style pipes.

There's no word on how Nguyen plans on make the game less addictive. Will Flappy Bird come with a health warning, as Nguyen suggested in March? Or maybe the game will have a time limit that forces you to do something else for a few minutes before playing another round?

Couldn't take it anymore

Nguyen pulled Flappy Bird from Google Play and Apple's App Store in February, citing his disdain for publicity as well as feeling guilty about creating an overly addictive game.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in February, Nguyen mentioned stories of ruined lives from overzealous players. Some people claimed their love for Flappy Bird was so deep that they lost their jobs or ignored their kids just to keep Nguyen's bird airborne.

At the height of Flappy Bird's popularity, Nguyen was pulling in around $50,000 per day and the game was downloaded more than 50 million times.

Beyond Flappy Bird, Nguyen told CNBC he has more games in the works including one with "a guy jumping from building to building."

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