Avoiding the Cloud is not detrimental: SolarWinds

Avoiding the Cloud is not detrimental: SolarWinds

IT management software vendor identified pros and cons of the public Cloud

Businesses will not be at a significant competitive disadvantage if they do not deploy a public Cloud solution, according to SolarWinds.

The software vendor’s head geek, Lawrence Garvin, said some organisations do not require the services of a public Cloud at all to function.

Garvin said this does not mean Cloud does not have a place in business, as more often than not organisations can gain benefits from a Cloud service.

“They need to assess the business case and ROI of the different forms the Cloud can take: public, private, or hybrid,” he said.

“While public Cloud has its merits, it is not a ‘be all and end all’ solution."

Balancing act

The challenge with the public Cloud is the reduced control organisations have over their information assets, infrastructure management and administration.

With the Cloud, Garvin said businesses are mostly reliant on the capabilities provided by the service vendor, as well as any changes made in the provision of those services.

“While SLAs [service level agreements] can help combat this by allowing businesses to stipulate certain contractual obligations, those who depend solely on public Cloud services won’t have the luxury of changing providers overnight,” he said.

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The third party datacentre aspect can be challenging for some businesses, though Garvin admits it offers the highest potential for scale and cost savings, such as infrastructure management and administration being outsourced.

“Public Cloud vendors can also provide uptime guarantees, disaster recovery capabilities and SLAs to ensure a high quality of service,” he said.

“Usually these capabilities are significantly more advanced than what most organisations can access on their own.”

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