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Internode hits spam - at no extra cost

  • 03 November, 2003 15:56

<p>National broadband provider Internode has taken the initiative to implement free anti-spam and anti-virus services to protect its customers.</p>
<p>As Telstra struggles with the fallout from its latest email crisis, Internode has stepped forward by releasing advanced anti-spam, anti-virus and email forwarding facilities as part of its standard customer service.</p>
<p>Internode managing director Simon Hackett said Internode customers could use the new services to set the level of protection they wanted from spam and viruses. "A lot of ISPs think they can charge more for these services," he said.</p>
<p>"Telstra defend their own decision to charge a monthly fee for spam and virus filtering by claiming, on their web site, that 'No Australian ISP' provides this sort of facility without charging extra for it. Our service proves that this is wrong - you can provide spam and virus protection without charging more for it."</p>
<p>Internode's anti-spam facilities scan incoming email and determines a 'spam rating' for each piece of mail based on a variety of elements for each message. Based on a set of 'demerit points', the spam rating level correlates to the likelihood that the message is spam.</p>
<p>Customers configure their own spam and virus tolerance settings on the Internode website. Quarantined messages can be checked by the customer and are deleted after 14 days. Internode has also introduced a new virus filtering system that prevents the delivery of an email if an email contains a virus. Both systems are automatically updated to keep them current.</p>
<p>Mr Hackett said the new measures were just "round one" in the battle against email invaders.</p>
<p>"The novelty of the Internet has worn off," he said. "Email is now a necessary communication tool for most people - and those people are becoming frustrated and annoyed with having to spend ages deleting irrelevant and often offensive junk from their inboxes every day."</p>
<p>The spam problem is so serious that more than half of the emails received by Australian Internet Service Providers is spam. Australian laws against spammers, which are in their infancy, are likely to be largely ineffective, because most spam comes from outside Australia.</p>
<p>Internode also has a range of additional email related utilities included in its service, including user-controlled 'blacklists' and 'whitelists' for email, and enhancements to the security and access protocols available for using Internode email services."
Headquartered in Adelaide, Internode is a leading national provider of broadband access, hosting, and professional services.</p>
<p>For more information, visit</p>

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