Layar, the pioneering augmented reality app, is now available for Google Glass

Layar, the pioneering augmented reality app, is now available for Google Glass

You want contextual overlays? Here are your contextual overlays.

Layar for Glass app

Layar for Glass app

The year was 2009. The iPhone was still a relatively fresh young face, and a newfangled technology called "augmented reality," or AR, was giving iOS users a few fancy parlor tricks to try out with their smartphones. Layar was the biggest name in mobile AR back then--and now it makes a return on a smartglasses platform that needs some AR mojo.

Layar has announced Layar for Glass.

You won't find the app in Google's official Glassware catalog, but the APK file can still be installed on your Glass as a sideload. As Layar demonstrates in a YouTube video, uttering "OK Glass; scan this" triggers augmented reality overlays when you're looking at the platform's collection of 200,000 interactive print pages, and 6,000 location-based "Geo Layers."

For example, glancing at and scanning an AR-loaded magazine ad can spawn a video of whatever that ad is hawking. Of course, the AR contextual overlays appear in Glass's small video window, and don't look anything like the vision portrayed in Google's original Project Glass video. Still, it's nice to see Layar join the Glassware family, even its currently beta form.

Check out the video for a taste of the new Layar experience.

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