What's new from: Emerson, APC, Opti-UPS, Invensys, APC, HP

What's new from: Emerson, APC, Opti-UPS, Invensys, APC, HP

Emerson Network Power

The Liebert PowerSure PST is an offline UPS solution that provides battery and surge protection for small, less critical, standalone applications such as isolated PCs and peripherals, as well as data-line protection for phone/fax/Internet/DSL. Its relatively small size allows it to be placed virtually anywhere equipment needs to be protected. Ideally suited for one-on-one PC protection, or for protecting hubs, routers, bridges and point-of-sale equipment, kiosks and home offices, the PST has a wide input voltage and comes with a full two-year warranty on electronic components and battery. It gives users time to save their files and shutdown their systems – an alarm will sound when only two minutes of runtime are left; and with the USB communications, users can shutdown automatically when running Windows 2000, XP or Mac OS X 10.2 (or later). During normal mode operation, the PST continuously monitors the batteries to maintain them in a fully charged state. The battery charger operates whenever AC power is present, even if the UPS is switched off. The PST performs an automatic battery test after it has been operating continuously for two weeks. Contact Emerson to locate your nearest distributor.

RRP: 500VA — $120; 650VA — $130 (prices ex. GST).


APC’s Back-UPS RS 500VA, 1000VA and 1500VA units provide high-level battery backup and complete surge protection that includes data-line protection to safeguard PCs, home theatre systems and telecommunication devices from destructive surges that can enter and damage equipment. According to APC, the units offer more outlets, automatic voltage regulation (AVR), and a longer runtime in a small, versatile footprint giving users enough power protection for more than one PC, including two 21-inch monitors and multiple peripherals. In addition, an extra battery pack can be added to the 1500VA unit to triple the runtime capabilities. Contact APC to locate your nearest distributor.

RRP: RS 500 — $459; RS 1000 — $919; RS 1500 — $1250 (prices inc. GST).


Designed to protect SME and corporate servers, and data centre environments, the PowerPS-B range is the first line-interactive UPS on the market to provide an LCD status display and “software switchable outlets” which the user can turn on/off specific outlet power from software either locally or remotely. In the event of a power failure, the PowerPS-B provides true sine-wave output from a battery to generate pure power to equipments. The battery is user replaceable and the circuit breaker on the back of the UPS is simply popped back in after a surge of power occurs. The PowerPS-B unit has eight battery backup outlets along with Internet and phone line outlets, and is capable of protecting equipment from more than one system. The OPTI-Extreme software that is packaged with the PowerPS-B units supports Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP/2003 Server, IBM AIX and OS/2, HP UX, Linux, Sun Solaris, Novell Netware and SGI Irix operating systems. The PS-B ranges from 1kva to 3kva with both standard and rack mount form factors. It comes with a two-year warranty on the UPS and battery in addition to $100,000 in insurance coverage on computers in Australia. The PowerPS-B range is distributed by Synnex Australia.

RRP: PS1000B — $850; PS1500B — $1145.

Invensys Powerware

Powerware has introduced an extension to the Powerware 9125 product family, a single-phase 5000/6000VA (UPS that resolves power anomalies and supplies maximum uptime protection to all connected servers, storage devices, networking equipment and medical devices. According to the vendor, the new product offers the industry’s highest level of power protection, power density, and the smallest footprint for 6000VA UPSes. The Powerware 9125, now offering a range from 700VA to 6000VA, is a double-conversion online UPS that protects mission-critical applications from power anomalies, which could result in data loss, corruption and process interruption. The Powerware 9125 product family features a double-conversion online technology that constantly conditions and controls AC output during normal operating conditions. In the event of a utility power failure, the double-conversion architecture assures a zero delay transferring to back up power and guarantees consistent, stable output. The UPS also provides up to 60 days notice on ending battery life to allow ample time to hot swap batteries without requiring equipment shut down. The Powerware 9125 is distributed in Australia by Teksel, BCN, BBF, Hitech, BMS, NPS, Alstom IT, Pioneer and Alfa.

RRP: $6000 (inc. GST).


APC’s Smart-UPS RT rack/tower convertible, double conversion online UPS provides high performance power protection for business-critical equipment. Available in 3000VA and 5000VA, this range provides extended run capabilities standard and a high power density. As examples of high power density, the 5000VA unit requires only 3U (1U = 1.75 inch) of rack space when mounted in a 19-inch rack. Offering enhanced availability with zero transfer time to and from batteries, the device has automatic and manual bypass, wide input voltage range without using batteries, tight voltage and frequency regulation, and emergency power off integration. Contact APC to locate your nearest distributor.

RRP: 3000A — $4925; 5000VA — $7900 (prices inc. GST).


The HP R12000 XR provides fault tolerance, scalability and power protection for mission-critical enterprise solutions and data centres. Aimed at the enterprise sector, the R12000 XR features hot-swappable battery and electronics modules, state-of-the-art “wireless paralleling” technology and superior power conditioning, efficiency and enhanced battery management — all of which enable customers to adapt to their growing power requirements, and keeping their systems powered and protected against bad power. HP’s exclusive enhanced battery management technology doubles battery service life, optimises recharge time and provides a 60-day advance notice of the end of useful battery life, lowering the total cost of ownership and providing industry leading protection. The HP R12000 XR is distributed in Australia by Tech Pacific, Ingram Micro and Dicker Data. RRP: $18,200 (ex. GST).

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