Storage is at the core of Internet of Everything: Quantum

Storage is at the core of Internet of Everything: Quantum

Storage vendor recommends spreading out data to overcome accessibility challenges

The storage industry is an important component of the Internet of Everything (IoE), according to Quantum.

Adrian Sharkey, A/NZ country manager at the storage vendor, said data is at the centre of IoE and "has to reside somewhere."

With such a vast amount of data to maintain, Sharkey said a tiered storage approach is the best way to balance of performance and cost.

“A small amount of frequently accessed data will reside on the most expensive tiers of storage, such as flash and high-performance disk arrays,” he said.

“However, a smart approach will match the tier to the value of the data.”

Sharkey said tape is currently the best choice for an active archive, as it is less expensive to acquire, as well as infinitely scalable and has the lowest cost of operation.

Spreading out data

Object storage, where data accessibility is maintained through the use of geo spreading of data, is another area Sharkey expects to play an important role with IoE.

“It is an optimal blend of high-performance disk, infinite capacity expansion, and data accessibility,” he said.

“Even if a large amount of data is lost due to a disaster or hardware failure, the system can retrieve the data using object storage’s underlying technology.”

To help protect against disaster, Sharkey said one or more systems can be spread within a datacentre or between multiple sites across the globe.

This functionality also removes the traditional need to back-up repeatedly as has been the case with standard disk arrays, where incremental and full back-ups are carried out over a period of days, weeks, and years.

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