Kroll Ontrack launches 'decryption-on-the-fly' technology

Kroll Ontrack launches 'decryption-on-the-fly' technology

New technology which reduces data recovery time on encrypted hard drive

Kroll Ontrack has unveiled new “decryption on-the-fly” technology which reduces data recovery time on an encrypted hard drive with a targeted approach.

The company’s new automated decryption technology allows engineers to target only areas of the hard drive that have been used while also automating the decryption process – improving the typical industry recovery turn time dramatically.

A typical recovery project involving an encrypted drive can take up to five days to complete using traditional solutions.

CA Technologies estimates IT downtime costs North American companies US$26.5 billion per year, at an average cost of $42,000 per hour.

Kroll Ontrack APAC general manager, Adrian Briscoe, said the longer a company is without its data, the more money it loses.

“We know our new ‘decryption-on-the-fly’ technology represents a true breakthrough for the data recovery industry because it can make a significant impact on a company’s ability to rebound from an IT outage or other potentially catastrophic events with minimal damage to the business.”

According to a company statement, Kroll Ontrack works with customers to securely procure their network credentials.

The technology then uses proprietary imaging software to target areas of the drive with user data rather than imaging the entire drive.

It then uses automation technology to decrypt those areas, allowing it to begin the recovery process earlier and complete it faster.

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