IBM launches ‘premium’ second-hand service

IBM launches ‘premium’ second-hand service

IBM subsidiary, IBM Global Financing, has announced it will sell former lease equipment through a new IBM Certified Used Equipment program.

The products will initially be available through its website but reseller assessments are currently being conducted and up to 20 are expected to be appointed.

Customers wishing to deal directly with IBM will still have the option to do so through the website.

The program will initially see IBM GF selling IBM ThinkPad notebooks but this is to be extended to IBM PCs. A similar program will eventually be rolled out for non-IBM equipment.

All products sold as IBM Certified will undergo a 30-point testing process and come with a seven-day money back guarantee, 90-day limited warranty and an option to extend this cover to 12 months.

Through the course of a year, about 70,000 IBM PCs and laptops are returned to IBM GF at the end of a three-year leasing period. In total, the company gets back about 200,000 pieces of IT equipment, including storage devices, networking hardware and servers.

“The new business and second-hand market are separate and complimentary,” IBM GF general manager, Andrew Rutter, said. “Our market research has indicated there is demand in the marketplace for vendor-backed, refurbished equipment.

“Certified products are particularly appealing to small businesses, students and other users that are looking for a low cost but high-quality PC for the home. Buying through a newspaper or an unknown source on the Web creates a risk that IBM can eliminate.”

IBM GF already has a network of 20 business partners that deal in former lease equipment on its behalf. Some of these act as distributors, which creates a network of about 70 companies acting as resellers.

Equipment that fails to meet the IBM Certified standard will continue to be pushed through those remarketing partners.

“This equipment is a little further down the scale in terms of quality but gives our business partners the chance to make their own enhancements by bundling equipment,” Rutter said.

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