IT decisions need to be aligned with greater business goals: Autotask

IT decisions need to be aligned with greater business goals: Autotask

Business management software vendor also recommends company teams are integrated for better results

Business management software vendor, Autotask, recommends IT decisions be aligned with a company’s larger goals in order to remain relevant.

Product management VP, Patrick Burns, expects IT providers to become even more essential to companies as they try to achieve their business objectives this year.

“Leaders need to recognize that sometimes the best solutions for the business are external which can mean partnering with an ITSP [information technology solution providers],” he said.

IT executives also need to educate their team that it is “fine to give up physical control” as long as the due diligence is in place and the solution has well-defined IT policies.

Outsourcing tactical initiatives also has the potential to free up the internal IT team to make more strategic contributions, as well as add value to the business.

“ITSPs have the advantage of seeing how tools and solutions can work across industries and can provide unique perspective into tools and best practices,” Burns said.

Push for integration

Another way businesses can meet the growing demands on the market is to “focus on the big picture”.

By this, the importance of understanding the business’s bigger picture goals need to be reinforced by the IT provider, as well as pushing their teams to integrate with the rest of the organisation.

“Engineers are natural problem solvers and there’s always enough work to keep them busy, but understanding and aligning with broader business goals makes sure that IT is impacting business performance and not just keeping the lights on,” Burns said.

As for how to get users on your side, Burns recommends treating them like customers.

“As technology environments move to the Cloud and mobile computing, the role of IT will shift from being a gatekeeper of systems to a broker of services,” he said.

By approaching this new landscape like a service provider, Burns said there are multiple benefits ranging from improving service delivery to increasing accountability on both sides.

IT staff also become encouraged to “think like a business” and carry out “sensible, fact-based decisions” that affect the bottom line.

“If IT professionals are able to lead their teams in this direction we will see IT playing a bigger, more strategic role in organisations,” Burns said.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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