South Australian builders embrace Cloud-based workplace safety app

South Australian builders embrace Cloud-based workplace safety app

AREA Construction, estimates SiteBook will save it as much as $200,000 a year through improved efficiency

Adelaide-based company Pelsys has developed workplace safety software that reduces time, cuts paperwork and avoids thousands of dollars in fines from the state’s new work, health and safety regulations.

The SiteBook software was developed after Pelsys chief executive Chris Anthony undertook a project for a major building company.

One customer, AREA Construction, estimates SiteBook will save it as much as $200,000 a year through improved efficiency.

South Australia's new workplace safety laws came into effect January 1 2013, with a 12-month transition period, which meant SafeWorkSA began enforcing the new legislation from the start of this month.

The new regulations carry heavy penalties for non-compliance, including on-the-spot fines.

Anthony said builders required only a mobile device such as an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy to use SiteBook.

“We’ve had a very positive response to the software,” he said.

“Just about every builder we show it to takes it on."

It is a Cloud-based app that assists with worksite information management for principal contractors, such as builders or local government organisations and their tradie sub-contractors.

SiteBook provides site induction procedures for subcontractors arriving at a construction site, even if the building supervisor is elsewhere.

Subcontractors use their own mobile device to complete the induction, record their “white card” details and obtain a copy of the site’s safety management plan.

It also allows users to record hazards and incidents, using the camera on their smartphone or tablet to take and attach photos.

It is already used by more than a dozen South Australian businesses, ranging from small family building businesses, to corporate construction companies such as AREA Construction.

About eight AREA employees of the Camden Park-based builder use SiteBook for a variety of tasks, while several hundred contractors and their staff use SiteBook for document control and work site inductions.

AREA Construction General Manager Chris Went said SiteBook was chosen for its simplicity and online induction systems.

“The online document control saves us thousands of man-hours and ensures contractors and site staff have access to the latest drawings at all times.

“The ease of access for all involved in projects, less time to induct contractors and manage documentation means we are able to concentrate on other areas of projects to ensure safety and quality are the best they can be.

“We looked at other online systems which just seemed expensive and complicated whereas SiteBook did the most efficient job for what we were after.

We estimate that once fully implemented, it will save us as much as $200,000 a year through improved efficiency.”

The product costs start at $99 per month, and will streamline the entire process of Workplace Health and Safety, saving 80-90 per cent of the time required to comply manually with WHS requirements, according to a company statement.

“Using manual processes, WHS compliance can chew into your gross profit by at least $1500 per project whereas SiteBook keeps all compliance records automatically,” Anthony said.

“Each safety document can be as long as 10 pages or more. SiteBook means that supervisors don’t have to gather huge piles of paperwork from each site and keep them on file.

"They’re going green and keeping it all online with a mobile device - so they can get hold of details whenever they need them.”

He said the app had strong prospects beyond SA’s borders because of the nation-wide harmonisation process that seeks to integrate Australia’s workplace health and safety systems.

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