Emulex unveil new adapters to address explosive storage growth

Emulex unveil new adapters to address explosive storage growth

Adapters increase server virtualisation density, connect hybrid Clouds with virtual network fabrics and enable SDN with open APIs

Network management firm Emulex have released their next generation of Ethernet connectivity solutions for virtualised, enterprise and Cloud datacentres.

The OneConnect OCe14000 family of 10Gb and 40Gb Ethernet Network Adapters and Converged Network Adapters, enables higher virtual machine densities, supports secure hybrid clouds with Virtual Network Fabrics, leverages a new remote direct memory access over Converged Ethernet based low latency architecture to deliver application acceleration.

It also provides an open application performance interface that integrates with next generation software-defined networking solutions.

Emulex senior vice president Shaun Walsh said the firm had built the adapters to be optimized for the demands of the business, Cloud and Telco applications.

“We are providing a new way to optimise the deployment of new Web-scale applications, virtualised environments and software-defined infrastructures, with the ability to scale performance in three dimensions; higher bandwidth, reduced latency and increased I/O operations per seconds, to address the explosive growth of IP traffic and global storage.”

According to a company statement, it uses highly efficient and scalable hardware offload technology to transfer the overhead of virtual networking which provides up to 50 per cent better CPU utilisation, compared to standard network interface cards, when used for VMware VirtualWire connection, thereby increasing the number of VMs supported per server.

It also delivers a fundamental four times performance increase in small packet network performance required to scale transaction-heavy and clustered applications.

Emulex's Virtual Network Exceleration offload technology provides up to 70 per cent better performance compared to software-only implementations of emerging Virtual Network Fabric standards such as Network Virtualisation using Generic Routing Encapsulation.

NVGRE is used by Microsoft Hyper-V Network Virtualisation and Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) used in VMware’s NSX to overcome the limitations of legacy datacentre networks by enabling flexible virtual workload mobility reducing deployment of VMs or network reconfiguration from days to minutes.

When combined with Microsoft Dynamic VMQ or VMware NetQueue, the OCe14000 family of adapters provides the industry’s best platform for increasing VM density, according to a company statement.

Enterprise Strategy Group senior anlayst, Bob Laliberte, said the major trends driving modern datacentres - virtualisation, Cloud, convergence and hyperscale computing - placed unprecedented demands on the network, storage and compute infrastructure.

“Emulex is delivering a new generation of 10/40GbE controllers and adapters to better enable organisations to meet that demand for unprecedented scale, performance and efficiency in the datacentre.”

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