Hybrid Cloud discussions are become more mature: Avanade

Hybrid Cloud discussions are become more mature: Avanade

Managed services provider also has high expectations for local release of Azure

In the coming months, managed services provider, Avanade Australia, expects a lot of energy to go into making the hybrid Cloud “really work”.

Avanade Australia CTO, Adam Wengert, said most organisations will move away from a “destination oriented” to a “value-based journey” discussion.

“Business processes that require sensitive data or business-critical IP still need to be able to cross boundaries to present that data to consumers on mobile devices, or to provide collaboration opportunities to partners,” he said.

Wengert said heavily virtualised workloads will be “looked at longingly” by IT departments and CFOs, particularly as opportunities for hosting in the public Cloud.

For that reason, there will be a focus around the discipline needed to support a hybrid portfolio of workloads, as well as the tooling to make it simpler.

Avanade, which is a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft, aims to capitalise on this trend with Microsoft’s Cloud Services Manager.

“Our ongoing investments on top of Microsoft’s tooling in this space are all part of our bet in this space,” Wengert said,

Azure incoming

As for what development in the IT industry caught Wengert’s interest in 2013, he points to Microsoft’s announcement of Azure’s imminent release in Australia.

“With datacentres on Australian soil, any challenges that our customers here have had around data sovereignty will now ease off as they can integrate Azure into their public Cloud strategy,” he said.

With Avanade’s roots with Microsoft, Avanade said this development will be a significant one for the managed services provider and its customer base.

“We’re excited about helping our customers take advantage of the opportunity to exploit the opportunities that Azure brings,” he said.

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