Grilly the Cheese review: Live life as a wandering grilled cheese sandwich

Grilly the Cheese review: Live life as a wandering grilled cheese sandwich

This deserves a review for the concept alone

Piasa's Grilly the Cheese is a side-scrolling runner game where you play as a grilled cheese sandwich.

Now, there's no backstory as to why Grilly has left his home. Maybe he barely escaped the grubby hands of a little boy ready to chomp down on Grilly after a morning in the backyard sandbox. Maybe he found his way out of a diner doggy bag. Maybe he's a refugee from a hip restaurant that caters to techies who prefer online interaction to human contact. In any case, Grilly is a just happy to roam about, collecting treasures along the way.

The controls to Grilly the Cheese are very easy. Tap on the screen to jump, tap again while in the air to reach even higher. Of course, Grilly runs into obstacles and characters that try to spoil Grily's stroll, and jumping is the way to avoid them. The main item to collect is coins, which you can redeem for power ups that assist you during the game, or accessories to dress up Grilly.

Piasa offers the game for free, but it makes its money by selling coins. It's easy enough to collect coins, however; after just 10 minutes of play, I already had several hundred coins that I used in the store to buy a Head Start cannon that shot Grilly forward.

Grilly the Cheese doesn't have violent action, and its graphics feel like they're straight out of a children's book. Young kids who can perform the basic touches on an iPad or iPhone will enjoy this game. And it's an easy game for more experienced gamers looking for a quick fix.

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