Google Chromebook to see enterprise growth: Fronde

Google Chromebook to see enterprise growth: Fronde

"Emotive statements have evolved to rational assessments in a surprisingly short space of time": Valentine

There are 'IT' good times and bad times. There is wisdom and foolishness. Cloud brings an age of belief and incredulity.

It could be the season of expansion, not consolidation, after the spring of hope.

Everything is before the industry, but nothing is also.

You're going to heaven or hell directly.

The past year has seen a dramatic surge of customer activity towards cloud platforms - for reasons of security, cost, agility, flexibility, and scale.

This has created a dark winter for traditional IT providers who are locked in to outdated on-premise delivery models often tied to legacy data centre investments.

Fronde CTO James Valentine said there had been a clear shift in the tone of conversations on data sovereignty in the past year.

"Emotive statements have evolved to rational assessments in a surprisingly short space of time," he said.

“A year ago we were regularly facing unfounded resistance on the migration to cloud computing due to sovereignty, privacy and security concerns.

"We've seen that starting to evaporate - customers are understanding that cloud platforms offer privacy and security.

"Data sovereignty is now rationally assessed in terms of proper data categorisation and receiving the appropriate levels of scrutiny when raised as an objection.”

The government has taken a forward position on implementing a Cloud strategy.

Government agencies and departments have published whitepapers on cloud technology.

Industry leaders are discussing the benefits cloud computing has already delivered for them.

Valentine said the market was still being educated on the features and benefits of cloud computing.

"The year ahead will see the majority of customers mandating 'Cloud first' in their platform selection criteria.”

It will also be the year when mobiles become the the all encompassing work device.

Concepts like responsive web design (where web content dynamically adapts to screen resolution) become a non-negotiable requirement for new applications.

Fronde expects devices like the Google Chromebook will start to proliferate within the enterprise, due to their low management requirements and low cost.

James said customers were now demanding "Anytime, anywhere, any devices" as key purchasing decisions combined with true utility based pricing," he said.

"This new reality is starting to hit home against those peddling “false clouds”, private clouds and legacy infrastructure-locked licensing models," he said.

“Many will not survive the transition to a more open, transparent environment where IT decision making is back in the hands of the users.”

Fronde, with its partners, Google, Amazon Web Services, and NetSuite, hopes to innovate and deliver new feature to disrupt the status quo.

"If you're currently trying to innovate using installed software and desktop management, you might want to look at something new for your organisation as 2014 becomes the "season of light" for Cloud Computing.”

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