How to switch from iPhone to Android in 4 easy steps, courtesy of Google's chairman

How to switch from iPhone to Android in 4 easy steps, courtesy of Google's chairman

"Many of my iPhone friends are converting to Android," says Eric Schmidt

Thinking of giving your iPhone the old heave-ho and defecting to the Android Army this holiday season? Google chairman Eric Schmidt wants to help--and no, I'm not talking about the jaw-droppingly low $US350 off-contract price of the high end Nexus 5.

Over the last weekend, Schmidt posted "Eric's Guide: Converting to Android from iPhone" on Google+.

More than just another marketing missive (though there is plenty of talk along the lines of, "80% of the world, in the latest surveys, agrees on Android"), Eric's Guide is a detailed, 900-plus word step-by-step guide on the nuts-and-bolts of transitioning from Apple's handset to a fresh new Android. Seriously: Schmidt talks about syncing photos with iTunes, shuffling contacts around, and even gets into details about swapping around SIM cards.

If you're jumping ship, Schmidt's post really is a great tutorial, painful self-promotional bits and all.

Why would anybody consider dumping their iPhone 5s for an HTC One or Galaxy S4, you ask?

Longtime Apple aficionado Andy Ihnatko tackled that very question for TechHive earlier this year, in a detailed, three-part series that covers the biggest upsides and downsides of making the switch.

We won't leave you hanging at Schmidt's square one, though: TechHive can point you to the best widgets (one killer Android feature!), action gamesto-do apps, app launchers (another awesome Android exclusive!), mail apps, and more in our chock-full Android section.

But wait! If you're considering trading in in the opposite direction, TechHive also has the counterpart to Schmidt's screed: How to migrate from Android to iPhone.

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