New, not traditional, approaches are needed: Cloud Advantage

New, not traditional, approaches are needed: Cloud Advantage

Consultancy firm finds that smaller businesses are more flexible when it comes to migrating to the Cloud than larger businesses

The biggest challenge with the Cloud is that application design has grown up in a “paradigm of limited resources,” according to James O’Rourke, director of Sydney-based consultancy firm Cloud Advantage.

O'Rourke made the observation during Amazon Web Services’ recent Re:Invent 2013 conference.

“When Cloud comes along, people want that same design and architecture in the Cloud,” he said.

“It can be done and you can move infrastructure that way, but it’s missing the advantages of Cloud.”

O’Rourke points to start-ups and smaller outfits as examples of companies that are using the Cloud already or are moving in an early stage.

“It’s much easier for them to pull out those services, and in the enterprise the big challenge is change,” he said.

Often large organisations do not know where to start or with what, and O’Rourke said education plays a part in this.

How Cloud Advantage aims to overcome this is to “engage at the senior management level and educate.”

“We do engagements over two or three weeks looking at a business case analysis, and one of the benefits that customers tell us about from that process is that senior management gets the Cloud,” O’Rourke said.

A question of cost

Beyond the challenges with making the leap to the Cloud, O’Rourke said a misconception exists around the benefits of off-premise technology, such as cost savings.

“Somehow the argument has swung in the other direction, where a companies will wonder if it is cheaper to do in-house due to familiarity with the process, but that is false,” he said.

“Everytime we have looked at it, it works out to be cheaper in the Cloud.”

O’Rourke adds that once an organisation makes the leap and migrates to the Cloud, there are also “added opportunities for savings.”

Patrick Budmar travelled to Re:Invent 2013 as a guest of AWS.

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