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what's new from . . ., New products


UK-based Sophos describes its antivirus software as designed for use on networks and aimed at the corporate sector. As an extra drawcard, company sources claim Sophos will provide free service and technical support.

According to the company, Sophos' Anti-Virus software already secures more than 300,000 corporate, Federal Government and educational seats. The software covers all major operating platforms, including Windows NT and the widest range of Unix flavours. Most recently, Sophos released SAV for Notes/Domino Version 2.0, designed to detect, report and remove viruses in Lotus Notes databases and e-mails.

Sophos Anti-Virus is Novell "Tested and Approved" for all current versions of NetWare. Company sources also claim that the software was the first antivirus product to secure ICSA certification for detecting viruses under Windows 2000. It is a regular recipient of the "Virus Bulletin 100 Per Cent" award for reliable detection of in-the-wild viruses.

Company sources report that improved defenses against Internet-borne e-mail viruses have lead to technology partnerships with several vendors of mail gateway software, including US-based Sendmail and Marshal Software in New Zealand. Sophos reports that, through partnerships, with these companies, it plans to provide server-level virus defense by integrating its Sophos Anti-Virus Interface (SAVI) with products in the Sendmail Switch product line, using Sendmail's recently launched Content Management API.

Sophos and the Wild List Organisation International, a leading source of virus information, has launched a groundbreaking system which will enable all members of the antivirus industry to quickly and securely exchange "urgent" virus samples.

The new system, Rapid Exchange of Virus Samples (REVS), enables all antivirus developers to pool their resources and expertise in the fight to protect end users from the threat of rapidly spreading viruses. The backbone of REVS is a server housed in a secure server room at Sophos' UK-based headquarters, which encrypts and forwards a secure copy of "urgent" viruses to all participating antivirus developers.

REVS will assist antivirus software vendors in the fight against computer viruses by ensuring they receive new virus samples within minutes of a rapidly spreading virus, like Melissa, being discovered.

The company reports that Sophos Anti-Virus is installed in more than 400 major Government and corporate sites throughout Australia.

Pricing starts from $995, plus GST.

Sophos: (02) 9212 1600

Network Associates

In February, Network Associates announced the Australian launch of its McAfee VirusScan 4.5 product. The company described the antivirus software as the next generation of its flagship virus security product designed to protect Internet-connected desktops from increasingly aggressive computer virus outbreaks. VirusScan combines the McAfee virus detection and cleaning engine with what the company describes as an incremental updating capability for rapid, easy deployment of fixes up to 20 times faster than current technologies.

NA claims that VirusScan also provides faster content scanning and enhanced centralised management of desktop antivirus software to ensure that new viruses and malicious code threats neither enter nor leave their corporate network.

This protects businesses from both costly network downtime and liability and disguised threats.

McAfee VirusScan 4.5 is available now, and is priced from $499.

Network Associates: 1300 361 367

Trend Micro

Trend Micro, in partnership with Telstra, has announced a new service-based model of antivirus protection called eDoctor Internet. Company sources claim that this is the first time that an antivirus has been made available as a provided service in Australia.eDoctor is described by Trend Micro as a service product that lets customers outsource all their antivirus requirements. According to Trend Micro, when a company signs up for eDoctor, its antivirus needs are analysed and the appropriate products are selected and installed by the eDoctor server provider without any action needed from the customer.

The system also situates all monitoring and configuration, and updating is done remotely by the eDoctor service provider. Trend Micro lists the eDoctor's features as:l Installation and configuration of softwarel Monitoring of virus activityl Remote virus detection and cleaningl Notification of virus outbreaks and cleaningl Automatic reporting of all virus and service activity.

Trend Micro is targeting its new product at resellers, based on the possibilities for a recurring revenue stream as the service is billed on a monthly basis. The company added that it is working toward a model where resellers will be able to choose to either sell the service only, or provide all the end-user installation and configuration requirements.

Pricing information is available upon application.

Trend Micro: (02) 8876 5678


In November, Symantec announced the launch of Norton AntiVirus Enterprise Solution 4.0. which is comprised of Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0 and Symantec System Center.

Symantec claims that the new version of the software:l Supports managed antivirus stand-alone configurations for mixed desktop/mobile client environments, and includes a corporate quantitative version of the "Scan and Deliver" functionl Provides the management tools required to proactively set and lock down policies that keep systems up to date and properly configuredl Enables centralised deployment of Symantec's solutions across multiple Windows NT and NetWare networksl Monitors all machines in an antivirus domain, from a centralised source.

According to Symantec, this allows administrators to protect, control and monitor all machines in a domain, including both Windows NT and Net-Ware servers, from a single centralised console.

Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0 supports both local network and remote configurations, so that administrators can select the most appropriate antivirus software for their mixed desktop/mobile client environments.

Symantec is also promoting the software's ability to act as an automatic, global response process for submitting suspected or infected files and receiving new virus repair definitions over e-mail. When a new viral event is discovered, the system can automatically package and forward the sample to the Quarantine Server from where it can be submitted directly to the Symantec AntiVirus Research Centre (SARC).

The Norton AntiVirus Enterprise Solution 4.0 is available now at an estimated retail price of $119 for 10-24 licences. The price includes the licence cost plus one year's upgrade insurance.

Symantec: (02) 8879 1169

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