Fujitsu launches Eternus DX series in aggressive storage push

Fujitsu launches Eternus DX series in aggressive storage push

Fujitsu releases new Eternus DX series at Fujitsu Forum 2013

Fujitsu has partnered NetApp in an aggressive push into storage with the launch of the new Eternus DX series.

The new models, launched at the Fujitsu Forum 2013, are disk storage systems based on the concept of business-centric storage.

Fujitsu executive vice president, product, system, technology and channel, Hans-Dieter Wysuwa said the new technology was twice as fast as the competition.

“Together, with our partner NetApp, we will attack the storage market and we will take away market share from all of the others,” he said.

“Looking at the backup performance we can do it ten times faster than EMC, not only writing but also recovering.

“With this incredible power we are now able to set priorities according business needs.

“We enable massive consolidation and cost savings through the unified storage.”

The four new models—the Eternus DX100 S3, DX200 S3, DX500 S3, and DX600 S3—offer random access performance of up to approximately five times that of previous models, while flexibly handling customers' new duties and increased throughput in the big data era.

The new models feature a pluggable architecture that enables functionality to be added on within the same chassis as necessary, supporting the integration of storage environments that manage diverse data types and the enhancement of processing capabilities as businesses grow.

This allows for the efficient operation of implemented resources and the flexible expansion of functionality, thereby optimizing infrastructure investment.

In addition, with the combination of Eternus SF 16, internal storage resources can be automatically allocated according to business priority, freeing system administrators from complex storage-management tasks.

With the Eternus DX series and Eternus SF 16 software, customers can achieve continuity and efficiency, while facilitating operations management with ever increasing amounts of diverse data, thus helping them innovate more quickly.

Wysuwa said the company had two objectives when developing the infrastructure.

“The first was to enable organisations to align existing storage resources with business priorities by augmenting servers and functions; and the second objective was to create a new performance architecture to enable better system utilisation,” he said.

“Storage performance and system capacity utilisation are closely interlinked.

“I am really happy to say that now the Eternus system is twice as fast as the competition.”

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